My Macbook won't boot from any CDs or DVDs! HELP!

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    Nov 11, 2012
    So the problem is my Macbook won't boot from any other cd or dvd. I have tried Windows XP, Windows 7, and even Ubuntu, all new and clean dvd's, but after booting from them it displays a message saying "no boot device detected, Please insert a boot device and press any key to continue".

    Its important to mention my Macbook DOES boot from my MAC installation DVD.

    Im trying to install windows in my recently Windows partition but I can't find a solution to boot from these dvd's.

    My Macbook does boot from my MAC install DVD, it also reads all of my windows and ubuntu disks as they are shown in the desktop, and it also burns cd's and dvd's just fine. They are in ISO Format so there shouldn't be a problem of booting from them.
    I also repaired my disk and disk permissions several times but with no result.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    EDIT: I Found the real problem: I was just selecting the iso file and clicking on burn.
    I was wrongly burning my cd's and dvd's. To create a bootable disk I followed the steps:

    1 Insert a blank CD into a supported burner
    2 When the Finder dialog appears, select "Open other application" for the desired action
    3 Navigate as you prefer and then select "Disk Utility" as the desired application to open
    4 After Disk Utility opens, drag the ISO image file to the lower portion (below the horizontal divider) of the left-hand pane where disks and volumes are displayed in the Disk Utility dialog
    5 Select the ISO image file,
    6 Click the "Burn" icon at the top-left of the Disk Utility dialog.

    Macbook MAC OS X Snow Leopard - early 2010 (white)

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