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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Kermit the frog, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Hello Everyone. I'll make it short and simple. Here are the problems (some reoccurring) that's going on with my macbookpro (2.33GHz C2D). I'm pretty sure apple has my repair cases logged. I would like to get my computer replaced with something that doesn't crap out on me everyday!!!

    *Cannot shut down computer. (i have to manually hold down the power button to turn off computer)

    *I have to restore my iPhoto/iTunes library almost everyday in order to view/play songs.

    *Whenever I plug my magsafe in sometime it flashes "not charging" which i think helps contribute to my horrible battery life.

    *My case on the right hand side i think is lose, I have to push down on it and I hear a pop noise...but it doesn't catch itself back in.

    *Computer randomly just shuts down without any warnings.

    *Headphone jack doesn't work with any headphones.

    *Very poor performance very slow.

    According to apple i still have a 1.5 years left on applecare. Would I be asking too much for a replacement computer or am I right on??

    I'm so confused and frusterated :(

    thanks all:confused:
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    We can't tell you what they're going to say.

    Call them up. Fire an e-mail to sjobs@apple.com if you're unhappy with what they say.

    If you're polite and firm, they might offer you a replacement machine if it would be too much to repair everything that's wrong with it.

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