My mac's i've owned in 2 years and the future


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Apr 8, 2004
My lovely Wife pointed out that i spend alot of money on Apple , at first i thought no i don't but then i thought errrrr maybe i have lol

12" iBook G3 800mhz - my first Mac
17" eMac G41.25ghz - my 2nd Mac for Video and music
15" Powerbook G4 1.33ghz- as a replacement for my 12" iBook and to be mobile

12" iBook G4 1.2ghz- my X-mas Pressy to myself 04
Macmini G4 1.25ghz- got this on release in Jan 05
Macmini G4 1.25ghz- My 2nd Macmini was for my Mrs
macmini G4 1.42ghz- my mate steve sold this to me at a realy cheap price
12" Powerbook G4 1.33ghz - to replace my iBook G4 so i could take it with me on the road for my honeymoon

excluding the other Mac's i've owned

Powermac G3 350 mhzBlue/White
PowerBook 233mhz Wallstreet

Then theres iPod's

iPod 10Gb
iPod 3g 20Gb
iPod Mini 1g 4Gb Silver
iPod Shuffle 512mb
iPod Shuffle 1Gb
iPod Shuffle 512mb ( gift for my brother in law)
iPod Mini 4Gb Pink (for the Mrs)
iPod 20gb Colour screen ( current model to replace my iPod Shuffle that i lost)

Apple Display 20"
Airport Express
BT Mouse
Wired Keyboard

Excuding iTunes Music Store !!! as i can't keep count that far lol

all this and i only Switched in 2003 -

My next Mac's are gonna be

17" PowerBook
Intel offering maybe at Macworld 06

Now if you add up the prices of all of them they come to a bit of money but as i pointed out to my Mrs - i buy 1 then sell it on ebay when i wanna get a new one then buy 1 or 2 then sell one when i get bored of it and so on hehe

Any one else just like me ?


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Jun 27, 2005
I kow what you mean, althought I don't understand why you have so many portable? Why would you need both an ibook and a powerbook at the same time ?

I have switched last year at the end of August, I have since then purchase the following

1-Rev C superdrive 12" Pbook
I got an ipod 20gig G4 sold it

2-I sold the 12" and got a 15 inch

Maybe 3- In a very near future(*cough* this weekend maybe *cough*) I will be ordering myself a 2.0ghz powermac.

One thing I really appreciate with macs, well since I have been using them is that their machines are so aimed towards productivity because everything works so well.

Since I have a mac I have been productive having learned several new applications, I'm loving it!

Maybe that is why I get new macs all the time and with a powermac I should be good until revB of mactels are out!

Basically I am like you I always buy new equipement, sell the old one, but I need to slow that down since with macs upgrading every 4 months isnt necessary :p


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Wow! Wonderful cololection you got there. Which ones are still in your posession and which ones are sold?

Hm, I think I'm becoming a little collector slowly but certanly. Currently I have the hardware in my sig, but you can add to that the 12" pb rev A I had for 2 years and recently gave to my father, as it was replaced by a 15 incher cause I'm working as a graphic designer and really need the extra screen space. My girlfriend has a orange 233 or 300 mhz ibook. And I share my atelier in our house with a friend who recently bought a 17" imac 2 ghz. We are all sharing the internet with an airport extreme base station. Then there is a Mac SE from 1990 or something, it's currently at one of my fathers friends who wanted to play around with it a little, but it will end up staying at my place.

I'm saving on a 20" or maybe 23" cinema display right now and maybe I'll get a rev B mactel powermac or powerbook (whatever my needs are then) in 2-3 years. Until that my pb will last me as my main computer I guess.


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May 6, 2002
Brooklyn, NYC
I hear ya. I've recently had to address the problem I have with buying and selling new computers too quickly, in one recent case I kept an iBook for only one month before selling it and buying a new machine. I'm thinking I need to join AA (Apple Anonymous) and take a closer look at this problem. I recently had my 3 month old Power Mac G5 on the old chopping block and before selling I snapped out of it and decided to get my $2000's worth and use this machine for at least a few years. Everytime I sell a computer I am losing hundreds of dollars and it's just absurd. Now having said that, I may indeed be picking up a nice 12" PowerBook to compliment the G5. :)


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Jul 23, 2002
Fuquay Varina, NC
Heres my list of Apple stuff in the past 2 years...

2 - Powermac 6100s (parted out on FeeBay)
DP 867 PM G4 (still own)
Mac Mini 1.25 (still own)
15" PB 867 - (owned for 4 weeks, sold because of financial crisis)

Shuffle 512 (still own)
30GB 3G (sold)
40GB Photo (still own)

While not too crazy with purchases, I may be looking into laptops sooner than later - waiting for the CFO's approval...


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Jul 3, 2005
Burton michigan
to many macs????

we own- Mac Mini, iMac G3, iMac G4,Powermac G5, ibook G4, iBook G3,

ipods- 1 mini, 3 20 gig ipods (one second gen two fourth (I think)

soon to be added- Powerbook G4-Silver ipod mini 4gb


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Jul 26, 2005
liketom said:
Now if you add up the prices of all of them they come to a bit of money but as i pointed out to my Mrs - i buy 1 then sell it on ebay when i wanna get a new one then buy 1 or 2 then sell one when i get bored of it and so on hehe

Any one else just like me ?
I just bought an Athlon X2 (less than a week old) and am bored already with it and want to sell it for a mac desktop. So yes there are other people like you :)

I want a really really quiet computer. No fans if i can help it, or ones that only come on when needed. Might try the Zalman reserator before i sell the AMD though :S


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Jul 7, 2005
New York, NY
Sure, I would love to get a new mac every month, but its just not practical in any way shape or form. It's seems that my family is the opposite of you guys...... We've been on a mac since 1994 and had only 2!!!!! A Preforma 550 from 1994 and an iMac G3 from 1999!!! I recently bought a iBook for myself, but the rest of my family still uses the old iMac. How could you go through 10 macs since only 2003?? I've been through 3 since 1994!!!! I value my money too much to just throw it away every month on something I don't need. My iBook still feels quite new to me even though I got it in Nov. 04. Maybe you guys do have a problem? I just don't see any reason to have more than one computer per person.
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