my mail isn't showing at all

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    Jun 14, 2004
    So randomly yesterday I see the apple screen on my phone. I restart and go to check my email and see that it says I have x amount of unread messages, but I see nothing in my inbox. I have four email accounts and all of them show as having something in there and it's like they're there with no text. Here is a quick screen grab. Anyone have any ideas outside of a clean install of the firmware. I'm jailbroken and don't want to go through installing everything all over again. I have tried adding a new email account, which results in the same thing.

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    Sorry if I sound harsh, but you obviously aren't too concerned about fixing the problem if you don't want to re-jailbreak your iPhone.

    You can try deleteing the accounts and then adding them but I would say that restore is the way to go. Have you tried a hard reset?

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    Jun 14, 2004
    If someone had the choice between not restoring and restoring, I think most people would go with the not restoring. Obviously my mail is a little more important to me, but I figured I would find out if someone has had a similar issue and could help me address it. I'll go for the restore a little later today if no one else chimes in...

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