My MBP (early 2008) is screwing up...please help

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hovitos-way, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Nov 26, 2007

    My MBP was working great for me for around 6 months with little to no problems. However, in the last 4 weeks it has started acting up. There are multiple problems and I will try to explain them in as much detail as possible here.

    • The first problem that I noticed was that occasionally I couldn't use my iSight. I would use either iChat or Photobooth and get the error: "There is no camera attached to this computer". I would then go into System Profiler to see if it was listed but under USB devices it wasn't there. This would occur intermittently and sometimes it would be fine. I mostly find it not working after I wake up the computer from sleep. I have searched and tried numerous methods to correct this but still couldn't get it to work properly.

    • The next problem that I came across was that whenever I would plug my charger/power supply to the computer whilst it was in its Sleep state and the lid was down, the hard drive would start spinning and the DVD drive made a sound as if it was ejecting. I am pretty sure this never happened before.

    • The final problem I have noticed is that when I put the lid of the computer down and it goes into its sleep state, the hard drive takes an age to stop spinning. This is quite annoying as I try not to walk with my computer whilst the drives are spinning to minimise the possibilities of my hard drive 'breaking'.

    These problems happened whilst I was using OSX 10.5.5 but I have since updated to 10.5.6 and still have these problems.

    I hope someone could help with these problems and sorry for the long 'essay', I just wanted to detail my problems as much as possible.

    Thanks for any help in advance
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    Sounds like a hardware issue to me, but you could try reinstalling Leopard to see if that fixes the problem. During install, choose to archive and install and to preserve settings, and it will come out the other end just like it went in - albeit without the updates and security patches and hopefully with the gremlins gone.

    If that doesn't completely sort out the problem, take advantage of your warranty and have someone look at it. If you have an intermittent problem while it's under warranty, I can guarantee it'll get worse once it gets out of warranty.

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