My MBP experience (not good at all)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by tomcable, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Aug 17, 2007
    I received my MBP late July and it worked fine up until the middle of August. the trackpad became quite slow and worked spontaneously, programs became very slow to run, and the overall performance was quite crappy.

    Apple directed me to a local Apple reseller, and I put my computer in for repair. That was on August 20th.

    I still haven't gotten it back. When I first spoke to them, they said it would only take a few days. A week later I find out the technician had been on vacation (no one had informed me, I probably would have taken it somewhere else). When he returned he said it would only be a few days. Fast forward to today, where I find out that it was a trackpad problem and that a part has to be ordered and the trackpad has to be replaced.

    First off, I thought it was a program issue, as the problems started after a program I installed had froze. I thought this program issue resulted in the trackpad being slow. I don't see how a trackpad can cause the entire computer to be slow. Second, is this normal? I pay almost $3000 for a machine I believed was better than a PC, and this is what happens? Lastly, I start my graphic design program on Monday, so having this laptop is a necessity.

    Is there anything I can do really? I really just want to call Apple and scream at them, mostly to get out all of my frustrations these past 2 and a half weeks have caused.

    I'm just disappointed with the product really. You pay that much money for something, and already parts are being replaced.
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    Well, I think the problem here is that the reseller they sent you to seems a little incompetent. Call Apple and tell them of your experience. They can then cross this reseller off their list of referred servicing, bring them into line, or help you out with your current Mac-less problem.

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