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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JPizzzle, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Hey everyone,
    I discovered this forum while waiting for my mbp to arrive, and find it to be a great place to share experiences and information. After reading many threads and stories, I feel that I should share my experience. I ordered my original mbp 15" on 10/16 and received it by 10/24. It was a BTO model with the 2.8 cpu, 320gb @ 7200 hd, and the apple remote. When I got my mbp, I discovered some of the problems that you guys reported on my model. I had the battery cover issue, but it was not too bad. I figured that if it was the only issue that i would keep the laptop and wait for apple to issue a replacement cover (hopefully). Unfortunately, I found some cosmetic issues that bothered me. I found a very small chip in the top corner of the metal where the battery cover meets the base. I was a little bothered at first, but then with the advice of my gf who thought I was crazy for letting that bother me and a friend, I pretty much decided to not let it bother me. Unfortunately within that same day I found a circular mark next to the right speaker grill (very small). I just couldn't deal with it anymore and after one day I had to order a replacement. After talking to a couple of different apple care rep's, I was able to give credit info and get the advanced replacement order where i can keep the original until I receive the replacements (I have to return the original w/in 30 days). Thanks btw to whoever posted info about that :). So my new order was placed on 10/28 at 330 pm PSD, and i figure I will receive the comp by next fri since that was the time frame of my original (also ordered on a tues). I now also notice that the left side of the lcd casing is warped up by a couple of mm when closed as many have noticed. Anyway sorry for taking up so much space, I just wanted to share my story and say hello. :D Hopefully my next comp won't have any problems.


    P.S a funny bit of info-i've once returned over 10 iphones due to dead pixels and other issues, hopefully it will only be 1 mbp lol
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