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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by macmillions12, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Hey guys, I wanted to share this story. I have a rev. A macbook air. I bought it off a good friend about a year ago. He bought 7 or 8 for his company and had a spare so I bought it for 1000. Anyway I have loved this laptop. I have a new macbook pro and imac as well, but whenever I go on the road or lay on the couch i grab my air. Anyway what Im about to tell you is fact. a few days ago i went to close my air and crack the left hinge part cracked all the way to the clutch part on the back. I couldnt believe it. I left for my trip and the town I was in there was an apple store. I went in, found out about the defect with the hinge. I called applecare even though it was out of warranty by 2 months they agreed to send me a box. The next morning the box shows up at 830 am and out she went at 11 am. 615 am houston gets it and the same day it is shipped back out to me!!! 840 am the next morning I get my air back and to my surprise they fixed more than the hinge! They replaced a bunch of stuff including the bezel and a fan. Later that day I was on my (now mint looking) air and noticed that when pugged in it said "not charging". I was surprised and reset the smc or smp or whatever. Applecare said that if the reset didnt work than to take it to a genius. I took it into my local store for my appointment today and told him that it was not doing this until after it came from houston. My battery had a cycle count of like 297! Anyway the genius thought it was the battery but they took it in and they determined it is either the battery, the charger, some board near the magsafe charger. They ordered the parts and are going to fix it all at no cost. They said if it still isnt working properly after that then we'll go from there. I have to take my hat off for apple, they have treated me very well and have stood behind their product. The hinge is a defect so if yours turns up with this problem they will fix it. thought i would share this story and Apples quality added to the great people I dealt with is why I will be sticking to them for as long as possible.
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    Glad you were treated well! I sure was not today by Apple.

    Also for future reference, paragraphs on this board would greatly oblige you. I'm sure you'll get lots of complaints ;)
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    tks next time I post Ill break it up. I was so shocked at how great apple treated my case. I mean it was a defect and the problem came up immediately after booting up after it was at the depot.. so Ill let you know what happens, I know they are for a fact putting a new battery in.

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    wish me luck.... one of my hinges broke just right now:mad:
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    Feb 10, 2008
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    I wish I had your luck. My frame on my macbook pro was bending out. Above the latch button and above the express slot and with APPLE CARE which will expire in 2011 they thought it was accidental damage.:mad:

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