My Morning Joy - Some Basic iMovie Tips

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    I thought I'd randomly share this morning video I made, and some tips I noticed for quickly doing things in iMovie.

    I wanted to throw together a quick clip of myself singing an old Sunday school song I loved that popped into my head this morning.

    I tried to quickly put together a clip but ran into inevitable iMovie limits. As a note, I recorded the video on my iPhone 4, and imported it to my iPad 2 for editing.

    CHALLENGE #1: Fading title out over existing clip.
    ANSWER: The usual. Line up the exact same clip, and transition the one with the title, to the one without the title.

    CHALLENGE #2: Keeping the audio from the first clip, going over the entire project, as I faded to another clip, and back.
    ANSWER: Played the original clip from my iPhone 4 as a "voice over" track in iMovie (into the iPad mic), and just lined up the videos to match the audio being played over everything, while muted all audio from the individual clips themselves.

    CHALLENGE #3: Fade to black.
    ANSWER: Took a picture while covering the camera. Faded to that.

    In case this helps anyone, there it is. The first one was obvious, the second one, less obvious but simple just the same.

    Comments or counter-tips welcome!

    ~ CB
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