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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by n8236, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Some background.

    For my 1st generation MBP, I first had Invisible Shield, and boy did that product sux donkey b@lls! While it protected unnecessary scratching and mauling from personal jewelry, it didn't offer anything else. It transferred heat very well, so it made this eeky feeling of plastic to the wrist. It surface would get too grippy when there is any form of moisture, so it made it difficult to move around quickly when needed. After around half year of use, it would stain yellow. Washing and cleaning did nothing.

    Then I moved onto Marware. The pad offered a bit of cushioning due to its thickness, so it felt sort of good. It also provided a bit of heat absorption, so there was another level of added comfort. Because of the latch system to shut the computer, the thickness of the product made it more difficult to shut the lid properly, having to use extra firmness in needing the latch to latch on properly. After almost two years of use, my palm has left a darkened and moist spot. Cleaning did nothing.

    For my Unibody MBP, I have gone with Moshi. The product's feel is superior. It's a textured sheet of paper/plastic type of material. The fitting was almost too perfect as I had one side higher than the other by a little (which I trimmed with a scissor). The color match is unmatched, it's literally the same color as the laptop itself. The only drawbacks to this product is its price and ability to only stick once, unlike Marware or IS which can be re-applied if necessary.

    Do I recommend Moshi now? Yes. Recommend Moshi down the road? It depends how it holds up in a year of two.
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