My mysterious Siri experience

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by spiralynth, Oct 11, 2011.

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    100% true, 0% fictionalization, 0% hyperbole.

    After a week long curiosity and desire for experimentation, I decided to bake some cookies from scratch. After buying the requisite ingredients, on Sunday 10/2/11, I did the deed. I'd never baked anything (other than pizza) and I'm not exactly fond of cooking, so it was a unique situation to say the least, especially on football Sunday. Cookies turned out pretty well and I'd made enough to munch on for the next couple of days.

    In the early morning hours of 10/4/11, before the start of the "Let's Talk iPhone" event, I was casually messing around with my Siri app, which I'd had for several months. "Remind me to buy cookies at 5PM tomorrow", I said. To the best of my recollection, despite having messed around with the app a couple of times before, that was the first and only reminder I had ever set on it. Later that day, the app stopped working completely. It appears Apple had disabled it soon after the event.

    On the evening of 10/5/11, right before the 5PM newscast came on, I put down my iPad, and ran to the kitchen to grab a cookie from the batch I'd made. There were two left. As I grabbed and bit into one, I could hear the anchor starting in the other room: "We have breaking news to report to you tonight. We've just received news that Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, has died". In utter shock, I ran to the TV, picked up my iPhone, hit the Home button to unlock, and saw the reminder I had long forgotten: "Buy cookies".

    As long as I live, I'll probably never know the full meaning of that moment, but I'll never forget it either. What does it mean? Coincidence? Fate? Just making something out of nothing? I won't bore you with my theories, but throughout the course of my life, I have been stupefied and mystified by similarly mysterious incidents, as I'm sure we all have. One day, in one brilliant flash of omniscient clarity, it will all make prefect sense. And it will be perfect and it will be simple. I hope.
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    Sep 26, 2011
    Yeah. ‘Cause if a job ain’t worth doin’ all out, then why order a hamburger unless there’s steak at home or somethin’ like that, right?
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    You really think there's a deeper meaning to that?
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    Jun 23, 2010
    What would have been REALLY interesting is if you saw Steve Job's image in your backed cookies.
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    Jun 7, 2011
    You had a reminder to buy cookies. :rolleyes:

    See, that may be important to you, but just shows the novelty of it all.
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    Umm what? So you saw a news story and then saw something on your phone that that you had told it to do? Believe it or not, that happens to me all the time.

    This one time I saw a story about phone hacking, and then a notification about a missed text came up. The text said "wat u up to?". Can anyone help me decipher the meaning behind it all? :rolleyes:
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    Sep 26, 2011
    I think we're missing the point of who stole the cookie fom the cookie jar.
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    Houston, TeXas
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    I went to bed after catching up on the iPhone event. Shutting down my Mac Mini and my Apple TV... woke up the next morning and read facebook in bed as per usual, saw that Steve Jobs had died (facebook is better than the actual news sometimes)... got out of bed and my ATV and Mini were both on. Spooky!
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    If on your way to the store to buy the cookies you escaped death by meteorite spray painted with "Steve was here" hitting your house, I think then you might have cause for feeling wigged out.

    As for your story, not so much.
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