My new Computer?


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Jul 18, 2001
Well as some of u know I will have a 5 yr old computer (PowerMac G3 233) this July so retirement of it is pretty likely with in the next year. So here's my choices.
1. Upgrade the hell of this computer (pricy(for what it will be in the end), boring old computer)
2. Upgrade a Bondi iMac that has a rage pro at this point ((new computer but only upgraded to a 500mhz G3)
3. Buy a new iMac after the 2nd upgrade when hopefully they will be at 1ghz+ (happy but could be happier (possibly shorter life span due to lack of upgradability))
4. Buy a G5 Powermac (will last for another 4-5 years at least and make me super happy)
Well these are my main choices there are others but these are the most applealing. Give ur input on these and other ideas.
Oh yeah for those who dont know my current specs here they are.
G3 power mac "desktop" with 233 processor.
Firewire/USB pci card
192 ram
CD-RW (external 24-10-40)
VST 20gig external HD
Multiple SCAN 15" AV Apple CRT
Thats it remeber to replies


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Jul 18, 2001
OH yeah

I forgot to tell everyone what I would do with the computer.
At this point I consider myself a low level techie/prouser
I used mix/master music for a band called Click 47 (garage band). But they broke up so now I'm tight for cash (thankfully my mom and dad wil pay for most of it even though I'll use it the most :) ). I know some java/c++ and build web sties for fun. I play games. duh Um and I borrow :) DVD's (copy). I mainly use computers for Audio and the internet.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I'd go for the PowerMac....if u plan to keep the system for the next 4-5 years splurge now....u will be happier in the long run I'm sure :p


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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR
I'm in a similar situation...

..., I too have a G3 233. Here's my specs:

G3 233MHz
384MBs RAM
OS 10.1.2/9.2.2
30 GB 7200rpm HD
Rage IIc PCI graphics card w/2MB vram (IT SUCKS)

I'm planning on upgrading to the low-end G5 when it comes out. Cheap (get it with no ram if possible and buy 3rd party, use educational discount if possible [I'm in high school, does anyone know how the discount works?]), powerful (G5, duh), uses modern tech so it won't be hell to upgrade (PC133 is on the way out, the price is going to start rising soon. Ever tried to get ram for a performa? It costs a LOT more than PC133 because they don't make it much anymore). The reason I refuse to buy a G4 is all the old tech (PC133, USB 1.1, FireWire 1, ATA66, etc...), it's not going to be fun to upgrade one of those. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one with whatever ATI's counter to the GF4Ti is...