my new iMac weird issue with loud sound and shut down

Discussion in 'iMac' started by swingerofbirch, Oct 29, 2006.

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    I was just using my iMac, new, 17" C2D 2 GHZ model. It suddenly got VERY loud. I thought it was a web ad with a race car or something. It sounded like a jet going off, I don't know how the computer being so small could make such a "wooshing" sound. Then as this was happening Safari froze (which is not unusual, happens about once a day). I force quit Safari and it was not working. Suddenly the computer went black as if it had gone to sleep but then after a second it came back on and everything seemed to be the same and the sound has subsided. Right now it's making about the level of sound I am used to when I am active with it. When I first got the iMac it didn't seem to make any noise except for the hard disk clicking occasionally. Now there is almost always a hum.

    So I downloaded just now a temperature gauge.
    Right when I installed it Core 1 was 35 and Core 2 was 42.
    Now a few minutes later Core 1 is 33 and Core 2 is 39.

    What should I make of this?

    I'll call Apple tomorrow, I just wanted to make sure I wrote down all the info right away, I am worried about my baby which has been perfect up to the point before this!!!!!

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