My new Macbook Pro: with a question?


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Oct 18, 2007
Well I am nw 10 days into my migration from windoz and I will not be going back. What took me so long was my own ignorance to how great this machine was going to be and how easy it would be to make the change. So, a quick question: It seems that most people have external drives for storage ad back-up. Is there a reason why it seems to be so prevalent? Is it the "I need to back-up just incase or just for getting all the music and pictures off the hard-drive" What are your thoughts and what is your "best choice" of drives?


May 16, 2006
Its a lifesaver to have a backup if you lose/break your laptop or it gets stolen, or if the hard disk dies. Western Digital and Seagate are the best drives IMO :)

Happy switching, and check out the uptodate Leopard scheme if you didn't know about entitles you to a very cheap upgrade-to-Leopard disk...


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Aug 20, 2006
Carlisle, PA
Definitely get an external (especially for a laptop), they are real life savers. I keep all my music, some movies, documents, and apps on my MacBook, but I keep all my older stuff, a backup of everything, and more movies, TVRips, and older games and installers on my external. Laptops just don't have the same storage expandability as desktops.

And once you get Leopard, you will want the external for TimeMachine.


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Oct 22, 2007

I'm also new to Mac and I back up, everything in the system partition, because of the word WHEN, not if in the following: What do you do when after a period of time your drive is corrupted and or dies? Mac or PC no differance. I'm extreme and have 2 GOOD firewire enclosures of 500G each, I put together, for seperate BUs as the message in my head keeps saying WHAT IF? Fortunatly I can cost justify them compared to all the work of reconstructing months/year(s) of bookmarks, needed email, video, photos and audio. very cheap insurance. How often is up to the individual, I average once a week.
I'm looking into how yo make a drive/partition image so I can go back to a certain date, lets say when things were freshly installed, last week or last spring. Any suggestions? On the PC I use True Image. :rolleyes:


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Sep 22, 2007
kathmandu, nepal
why? because its so easy that's why!

i am also a recent convert with a new mbp, and when i was in windoze i was a backup fanatic, i had to be to keep my freelance biz alive, as xp was crashing every time i turned around, so i got into the good habit of making image backups every few days or whenever i got some work done. so when i converted i spent a lot of time researching backup solutions before i migrated for good. at first i was worried. i did not understand the mac structure, nor how easy it is to backup. YOU CAN BOOT A USB DRIVE! no more looking for a bartPE disk and hoping i had loaded the recover software on that version of the bootable CD, or worrying about the lan being down and not being able to recover in time for deadline. now it's so simple, just get a cheapo usb hardrive and case and use Dejavue or whatever to create an exact bootable replica of your internal harddrive. if anything goes wrong, just reverse the backup process or just use the external drive until things get fixed. its such an elegant solution for a laptop user it's almost unfathomable if you are used to working with a pc.

few things to note: if you have a bootcamp, you still have to use PC software to create a backup image of the windows partition, and there by far the best thing to use is Acronis, some flavor: home, enterprise, whatever. it takes a bit for bit backup and puts it someplace safe. So now you have two backup jobs to worry about one for osx and one for intel stuff. it will be a great day if Acronis ever makes a UB version that does it all with one program, but the mac backup programs like dejavue or superduper work well too. good luck!
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