My New Macbook!


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Jun 25, 2007
So my new macbook just got delivered after months of gaining information from this site so thanks.

First 10mins hated it, complete and utter regret!

30 mins later, abslutly love it, its different but once you get used to it then your laughing.

Got a couple of questions..

Do i need any applications to get started with? if so What?

i read about a fan controller, but i cant find the thread

Other than that anywere i can get old games, specifically managment strategy games?

Also is there a way for Mail to be set up to get mail from my Hotmail account?


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Apr 13, 2007
i would say Adium is a definate app you need if you IM alot, only downside is the lack of webcam support :(

If you watch alot of video on the net then another app i would recommend is Flip4Mac, which puts all the WMV files (which wouldn't normally work) into quicktime files so you can watch them perfectly fine.

As for the using mail to access hotmail accounts, i've seen people talk about it, with help from a plug-in but i don't know what it is, i'm sure someone else will link you to it

Oh and welcome to the wonderful world of Mac, you've now entered Steve Job's 'reality distortion field' :D


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Dec 31, 2006
Sydney, Australia
essential software

Here's my list of junk you need to clutter your mac with, not quite up to date but its still great

Doobi Essential OSX Software Addition List

Essential Programs
Adium (Multi-string messenger client - MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, etc.)
Xtorrent (No. 1 mac torrent client, awesome P2P downloading)
Google Earth (Sat images)
Sofa Control (Awesome apple remote use for all applications)

Buy Necessities
iWork (Mac equivelant of MS Word & PowerPoint)
Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc)
Finale (Music Notation)
Logic Express (Awesome recording/mixing)
Toast Titanium (Pro disc burning utility)
Office:Mac (Office for OSX)
Limewire Pro (Comprehensive GNutella P2P client)
Parallels Desktop (Alternate OS virtualization integration)

System Utilities/Add-ons
Adobe Flash/Shockwave
Cocktail (System customization/optimisaton)
Stuffit 10 (Archive Expand/Contract)
VISE X (Installer Driver)
SoundSource (Manage In/Out system audio)
SizzlingKeys (iTunes system-wide hotkeys)
Growl (System notifier + needed for Adium, eCheck)
Airport Extreme 802.11n Enabler

Multimedia Playback/Conversion/Utilities
VLC (Crappy but mega-multi-codec MP)
RealPlayer (Awesome self-format player)
SRS iWOW (Advanced 3D audio enhancement for iTunes)
DivX (Player, Convertor, Codec Add-ons for Quicktime)
iPodDisk (Transfer music from iPod to computer)
Flip4Mac (Essential WMV support for Quicktime)
iSquint (Fast easy video convertor)
Airfoil (Allows all system audio through AirTunes)
Audio Hijack (System audio stealer + needed for Airfoil & iWOW)
MacTheRipper (DVD ripping to various formats)
PodTube (Convert & Download YouTube videos)

Callwave (Free SMS anywhere internationally!)
iStat Pro (Comprehensive system stats)
AirPort Radar (Manage wireless connections)
Amazon Art (Alternate iTunes cover finder)
IceTV (Aust TV Guide)
BatteryInfo (cool little bat meter)
Download Calc
SwellWidget (Aust. surf report/forecasts)
StopDashboard (Quit Enabler)

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Aug 22, 2007
A program called Caffeine is pretty good, I use that quite often, showing people Youtube and that on battery, it stops the screen from dimming without having to alter your energy saver preferences.


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Jun 25, 2007
wow thanks very much for all the help with al these prograns, quicksilver is already a favourite.

Anyone know of any good bus sims?

Thanks for all the great replies so far, Mac rumors is a great community.