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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Ellen, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Ellen macrumors regular

    Nov 3, 2007
    Hi, I purchased an iMac a few months ago and got really helpful info here, so I was hoping I might obtain some feedback for my next purchase, a MacBook.

    1. I realize that color is a personal preference, but I'm having a bit of a difficult time getting over the price differential for the black version (even after adjusting for the difference in hard drive size), particularly given my possible add ons below. My sister has the black one and likes it, and tells me that it shows less wear than my niece's white one (but she takes it to school every day). So I'm wondering if owners here have any comments on the two choices.

    2. I upgraded the RAM in the iMac myself, to 2GB, and am thinking of doing the same for the MacBook. I gather that I would have to replace all the RAM (the base configuration is 512 x 2?). But I was wondering, is it easy to open up the laptop to do this?

    3. What do you think of AppleCare? I purchased it for my iMac but I gather AppleCare for the MacBook is even more expensive.

    4. .Mac is tempting because of keeping the two computers in sync and the Web hosting features - I know that I could do better pricewise with other options, but after years of Dell computers I confess that simplicity is very desirable to me. I don't need email addresses, and I have Gmail so I effectively get web-based storage that way - so I'm wondering what people think of .Mac. I gather that on Amazon you can purchase a year's subscription for about $60; similarly, if I buy it from Apple at the same time as the MacBook the first year is $65.

    All this assumes that there's not a MacBook upgrade around the corner - which I gather is not expected. But, any views on buying now v. waiting would be appreciated.

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    Mar 27, 2007
    Can see the end of the Earth from here
    I had a 14" iBook for a year while attending college, and in all honesty, I thought it showed wear much better (less) than the blackbooks. Other than the shine on the finish, unless you're really getting it filthy it's tough to see things like scratches on the surface. I have heard a lot of people complaining about the blackbooks having a "greasy" problem on their surfaces that is difficult to clean off.

    Piece of cake. Lots of online resources for this, such as and others. Go to OWC for the RAM - theirs is Apple approved and guaranteed for life, and if you don't want those 512M sticks laying around, trade them in. You won't get much for them, but it might offset the shipping costs....

    I wouldn't have an Apple notebook without it. If there was one product in the line I would say that AppleCare should be mandatory, it would be for notebooks. Buy it in the Education Store for a substantial difference over retail, or find it on eBay.

    I have long been a proponent of dotmac, despite it being overpriced for the services and poorly supported (IMHO.) That being said, the ability to sync multiple computers and easily upload stuff to the Web makes the convenience override the cost. Buy your first year's subscription for $60 with the promotion then buy future renewals from places like eBay. There are some on there right now with a BIN of $60. I kick myself because I wasn't aware of this until recently and have paid full price for dotmac for two years. :mad:

    I just don't grasp all this "wait - something better is coming!" around here. The differences aren't substantial, and with any technology product, if you don't expect it to be "obsolete" in a sense a couple of weeks after you buy it you're being unrealistic.

    Just my $0.02.


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