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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Masher500, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Sep 12, 2006
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    For all you guys who have MBPs here is something to watch out for.

    I have the C2D MBP 2.16 with 128video card 2gigs of ram. For the record i bought it the day that rev came out back in October.

    Just within the last 3 weeks i was having a problem when my Mac would go to sleep it would not wake up. So in order to correct the problem i figured i would just reformat, it needed it anyways. So, did the reformat, and before i could load my programs it did it again! Kind of annoyed by the situation, i went to apple support forums (btw is a very good source of info to trouble shoot your Mac) did everything that the website said to do to help fix the problem. Well still didnt wake up after sleeping. It turned out the only way to make sure it wouldnt fall asleep and not wake up is i had to set the settings to never sleep.

    So i finally made an appointment @ the Apple store to get it fixed. The Genius at apple figured it could be either the motherboard or the ram.. So he decided to replace my motherboard. A few days later they called and said everything was fine and come get your Mac. So i picked it up, only to find out my bluetooth keyboard wasnt working anymore!!!!????!!?!!?!?!?! So had to make another appointment, and go back to the apple store. Well i guess the Genius tech forgot to hook up the bluetooth or put it back into the MBP or whatever the case was, then ended up replacing that. Got back home, that night wouldnt wake out of sleep!!! SO, i talked to the mgr they said i can come up without making an appointment. Dropped off my mac, two days later they said they couldnt get it to replicate my problem. Went back up there to pick it up. That night, still didnt wake up. Went back the next day, and they thought it could be the ram so they replaced that. That night, still did it.

    Well after be soooo frustrated i called apple corp. and talk to their customer service.. They had everything on record, and the seior tech said it had to be some sort of hardware issue. So they ended up saying they would replace my MBP with the newest rev out. So the only thing good about this whole jack up situation is that they replace my MBP with a brand new SR rev, which im pretty stoked on... It just sucked that I had to go through all the crap trying to fix my old one.

    I know this is a problem happening with many MBPs, so if anyone is having a problem with your system not waking after sleep, take it to apple store.
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    Sep 18, 2006
    SR is amazing. The laptops batteries last so much longer (I find anyhow) and it runs cooler and snappier. You're lucky to be unlucky :D

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