My not so powerful power adapter

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by stevehaslip, Jan 4, 2005.

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    hi all,
    within 7 months of my getting my powerbook the power adapter has given up. Which is pretty crap if you ask me, now i'm not in London right now so am not really sure where/how i can get it replaced? I thought i might be able to just walk into the regent street store when i'm back and they'd swap it as it really is dead as a dodo but will they want anything to proove that its still in waranty? like my powerbook serial number or my actual powerbook.

    I am NOT forking out another £65 or whatever it costs just to get my baby working again. The adapter hasn't been abused or anything its just started to turn itself off when it got a little warm and then it flickered on and off and now it won't do anything. Anyway if i just walk in there will they change it or do i have to book an appointment with a genius or something? i want this sorted now, as i have work to do and my precious g5 isn't here! :mad:

    EDIT: also if i don't have applecare and it breaks again after my first year then i'll have to pay, right?
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    Howdy. I'm on my 3rd adapter now. Yet you REALLY wouldn't believe the troubles I had. I phoned up Apple to replace it, and they sent me the wrong product an incredible 3 times. Just after phoning up they gave me the details, a courier came out and took it, then they returned it. But it took an incredibly long time. Second time it happened I just bought one from as I wasn't waiting for them to mess me about again. Now there's a store in London, I'm not entirely sure what the process is. Mine had to go to Holland before to get it sorted out, but they'll hopefully replace it there and then for you. Just phone up AppleCare, they'll give you a case number, and then see if you can take it to the Regent St. Store to replace it instead of wasting your time and sending it off.

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