My Open Letter to Apple

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    II wrote this letter to Apple and forwarded to a Corporate Relations person. Basically, everything that has been done is how it should have been. That they have no further solutions for me and when I asked if she would put that in a written email she said she's not allowed. lol.


    Kathleen xxxx
    Apple Computer

    Dear Kathleen,

    I wanted to take a moment to apologize for my use of inappropriate language at the end of our call yesterday. I am completely frustrated and at my wits end with Apple right now, but realize their are better forms of communication then what was said during our call.... That said, I would appreciate it if you and your team could take a few minutes to continue reading "My Open Letter to Apple". I have elected to copy Apple's most senior management about my experiences. My reason for doing so is not to get any past or present support person that I have come in contact with in trouble. It is to signal management to what I believe has become a very negative shift in your corporate culture, it's focus and your concern for its customers. If Apple is anything that it once was when Mr. Jobs was in command, then I hope and would welcome a response from Mr. Cook someday soon.
    As an end-user, computer geek, and a member of the MacFanBoy club, it is extremely frustrating to spend as much time as I have on the phone with what were suppose to be AppleCare Support Representatives.... "Care" is the keyword here, and getting absolutely nowhere by the end of the call, except for an "I can't help you anymore". It's completely unacceptable and a breach of warranty.
    While spending two hours on the phone with you and another support Rep. Yesterday, trying to get some kind of help and answers to what I felt were definitely security issues...... or at the very least have a more senior support person call me. What I got however was something that very closely resembled a technical support call that I would have placed in 1997 to Packard Bell. Because even though you may be in Texas, you might as well been in China and spoke broken English because I don't think you really listened to my underlying concerns. I don't think you tried in the least to look into the issues I brought up and return an answer based on fact or offered me a pathway for which to get my questions answered. More over, what I found extremely insulting, other then your completely incorrect answers and solutions to problems, was that you didn't even care to research or understand... Cause if you did.... Many of them where not asking for a solution. They were asking for answers as to how/why/when these apps got on my device or why these ports were listening on my device. Again more over that, what was extremely insulting was that on a few occasions you laughed about my problems to a coworker. I don't think you realize, but the call that I had with you yesterday, I've had about ten other times over the last three years. Same lack of care or concern by each of the support people. Same deceptive lies and the same result at the end of each and every one of those calls. No where. Being told their is no one else I can talk to. Their is no one that can answer my questions and that their is nothing you can do to help me except the "Default Solution" of reformatting my device and reinstalling it. I would estimate between all of my devices, I have probably had my phones replaced (20) times from my original 4 till the iphone 6 I currently have. I have reformatted laptops, Mac's and iPhones on the scale of probably 100 times. I have replaced the hard drives in my Mac and laptops at least 8 times and guess what..... NONE OF IT SEEMS TO WORK BECAUSE I STILL HAVE NO SENSE OF SECURITY WITH MY DEVICES.... AND IF REFORMATTING OR SWAPPING OUT EQUIPMENT DID WORK... HOW WOULD I KNOW? BECAUSE APPLE NEVER CARED TO HELP ME TRULY VERIFY MY SYSTEM. NOR HAS APPLE PROVIDED ME WITH A WAY OF VERIFYING THE INTEGRITY OF MY DEVICE TO BEGIN WITH. Checking my disk permissions, or repairing my drive, wiping and reinstalling all are a waste of time if for example my devices firmware has somehow been hacked. What if another bootrom is getting loaded on my iDevice, how would I know or verify, or fix it? WHAT ABOUT MY ICLOUD/APPLE ID since everything is linked to that what if my iCloud account is compromised and opening up a doorway to my device. THIS IS ALL FACTUALLY POSSIBLE AND IS DOCUMENTED ONLINE, yet Apple continues to lie, mislead and not fulfill its contractual obligations with me of providing support for the software and devices which Apple has built. And because these devices have practically become an extension of ourselves, then just like every human. I want to know that where I am hanging my head at night is safe and secure. Apple, has failed to provide me with that peace of mind.
    Although, you felt like I wasn't following your troubleshooting advise yesterday.. It's pains me to hear advise when you were telling me that iPhones can't be hacked, that we don't have any back doors and that no one is listening to me(which I didn't even suggest), or when you immediately tell me that the App H.E. Network Tools does not show open ports or connects to the phone it just scans your network. When if you actually open the app theirs a netstat that shows connections last time I checked was a system only ip and the colon : and xxxx, which is the port, followed by LISTENING... I BELIEVE SHOW THAT THE LOCALHOST IS LISTING ON THOSE PORTS. OR THAT THE APP THAT I FELT WAS A HACK,WHICH CAME FROM THE APPLE APPSTORE AND WHICH WAS TITLED "Kitcamera - foco, adobe photoshop express, sharpen, cookie crumbs, creative wisdom, hydra, noise reduction, chnmok, asombrosasimpose, pankaj, goswami, typography, generator, swag words, inspiration generator, flawless skin". Yes.. That's the whole title of the app.. Screen shot attached.. Your answer is that it wasn't hacked, they probably just typed to much in the title. OR when I find that their are three listings by the same developer for the Kitcam app (Kitcam, Kitcam. And Kitcamera ) with Two of them appearing to be the same app and none of them matching the full name of the app I have... You disregard the name issue and when I said that I think the app is hacked because Apple approves every app before making it available to the public, and that Apple would never allow someone to have a title as long and weird as it was (including Russian text) and with another companies name ( Adobe Photoshop express) in the title as well. You said they must have missed it....missed it? You must have missed it too, because, I was calling because I felt that my iPhone was compromised by this app, and although you searched the AppStore and were able to find similar names, you weren't able to find the full name of the app, as I provided you with..... I said why is their two of the same app. I stated that I didn't think apple would allow people to list the same app multiple times just by changing the name and you argued with me that I don't know what I'm talking about and that they certainly do allow developers to put the same app on the AppStore and just change the name. I then explain that if that was true then every app would duplicate their app listings and apparently cause Apple doesn't Check the titles title their app with their competitors name. Well, I have attached an apple document which states reasons why an app would be rejected and one of the reasons is because an app with similar features and functionality had already been submitted by the developer. Again, you quickly shot me an answer that was incorrect and didn't even care to search Apples own documentation which I was easily able to find. So, let me ask you.... If you went to contact the company that actually makes the products your seeking help from and you got the kind of responses which I knew were wrong from what is suppose to be a senior level support person. Wouldn't you put into question everything else they say?? Now.. What if you had called Apple say two years ago questioning processes that are running on my device yet seem to be undocumented... Only to be told by a senior support person that they don't know what they are, that they aren't Apple processes, blamed the processes on other apps on my phone (which Apple fully and thoroughly reviews and which restricts developers from only using open and published OS api's) as well as restricts how apps can run in the background etc. as well as telling me that they have no way of finding out what they are and that I should not be concerned about them cause iPhones can't be hacked. Then about a year later. What pops up on Apples support site. A disclosure from Apple that some of the processes which I questioned and your company denied any knowledge of.... We're actually Apple Processes and it went on to outline and address user concerns about them. This includes things such as lockdown and duet I believe.

    So, let me ask you, when you go to the grocery store and buy milk or bread do you think you should have a right to know how old that milk or bread is and when it expires? Do you think you have a right to know if that milk or bread came from China or the U.S.? Or what ingredients make up that milk or bread. Or do you simply trust that the grocery store and the manufacturer are always going to make sure that bread is fresh. Ingredients. Who needs to know ingredients. Its not like it's going to kill you. It's bread or milk. Oops. But i hope you don't have any food allergies because it was produced in a facility that also has nuts. Oh. And if you wanted to know if it was healthy or full of sugar well. I guess you'll just have to taste it to find out.

    Do you get my point. The data, where it's made, what its made from, how it's handled and stored, etc. these all came be equally true for our personal information. Before you put something in your mouth, I'm sure you want to know exactly what it is, where It came from, and how it was handled before consume it, correct? Well, when I purchased my iDevice's from Apple, I purchased them with the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. Apple sold me these devices with the understanding that I would have full and complete ownership and control over them. This includes, the device itself, and everything on it. A bread company isn't going to leave off a few of the ingredients that are in the bread because they don't wish to divulge or explain to the consumer what they are. Nor, do I think that you would choose to consume a product from a company that isn't fully disclosing all of its contents, its origin and its handling.

    Like you said... And argued with me about why I needed to know what they were. Well guess what. I don't know about you but their are 700 million people who now have and use and iOS device. They own the device. It's not 1975 and AT&T is the phone company and in order to use the phone you have to lease it from them. I actually purchased out right... This equipment from Apple. So, I think 700 million people deserve to know what the hell is running on their device if you expect them to trust it enough to put their life in words, photos, videos, calls, there fingerprint, their credit card information, their health information. What I can only compare to someone's personal digital DNA. If you expect us all to trust apple the you owe it to every single one of your customers to make sure they they fully understand what is happening. Address any concerns and ensure the end user fully understands every action, every process, every sensor and the data it captures. It's Apples full and complete responsibility to address every concern fully and completely and if you can't. Then you need to pull or prevent that piece of functionality from working until you are able to. My data. My movements. My email. My photos.. Every single piece of data that is on my device, is mine. Not Apple's. Every app that is installed, is either bundled with the original OS install, or is something that I have elected to buy from the AppStore and install. If there are processes that are running on my device, then I, and every other customer, deserve to know what they are, period. There should be no port or process which goes unexplained.

    This ideology that is very present in Apple's culture today, is that you do not feel the need to research or explain to its customers what is happening on their device, or provide full and thorough documentation as to each and every process, each data storage container, each bit of data that you place on a device or take from a device, unless you feel the need to. If hiding, lying and stonewalling people that ask about these things. Then I will count the days till what I can only call the largest corporate failure of all time. Because it only takes a few more articles which bring to light security holes in your devices, and it only take a few more well known people who pose questions to apple like I did today and get absolutely no help or explanation as to what is going on with their device that they may not know about. It only takes a few more outages like the one today, that go unexplained and leave every user that relies on Apples Eco-system to say they have had enough. The result from all of this will be what I can only compare to the mortgage meltdown of 2008. All the innovation. All the progress and prosperity from this new technology era and Apple with crumble. All that digital wealth that has fallen from the heavens, will, with a single clap and a bolt of lightening, will swiftly be snatched and taken back by current to sea. Every financial market will be forced to close to prevent further financial collapse and Apple's entire global customer base will lose complete faith in Apple and companies like it. Servers will crash as users try to download their life from the cloud. You see where I am going with this. Your company is kind of like the game Jinga. Because of the way in which you have architected your ecosystem... And It only takes a few wrong moves and the next thing you know, you're lying in the center of a beautiful mess.
    With each wrong move, cracks will appear, like the one that happened yesterday. Before long, your customers lose complete faith and trust in your company that they paid to equip and secure their most private and personal information. But more then that... The world will continue to lose faith in each other.

    Because, Although I paid and put my trust in Apple, when I called you yesterday, I put my faith in you that you were going to care for my concerns, help me understand what's going on and allow me to end the call with a sense of security and relief that I didn't have when I started.

    Sadly. I left my call with you today like I have left the last 10 calls I placed with Apple. With a feeling of helplessness, a resentment towards Apple and the support staff for making me feel stupid for even asking the questions I ask, angry because I have purchased a lot of equipment from Apple throughout the years and the idea of making sure I always have an incredible experience with my Apple Products and the support staff I may connect with are no longer part of the fabric of Apple..

    My call today regarding security concerns about the Kitcam software which has been compromised in some way in order to get that name.... Was just one of many blatantly obvious security issues for which Apple did absolutely nothing about. Not an escalation nor follow up, nothing... Apple did absolutely nothing..

    Let's go back, oh, say 6 months to a year ago... Again, I called Applecare support, this time it was about some additional iCloud accounts and/or aliases which i had setup a few years prior when I had a MobileMe family pack. If you recall the family pack gave you 5 separate, individual accounts with one of the accounts being the "master or parent account" and controlled the other accounts.. Each of these five accounts was also allowed to have 5 email aliases attached to each one. When Apple did away with MobileMe and the Family pack and switched to iCloud their was no longer a master account with the ability to control the 4/5 child accounts underneath it. Apple, required me to create new Apple IDs for each account and then go in and I was allowed to create the aliases for each. Although it was just me at this point using the email, I took the opportunity of obtaining the five free accounts so that I could snatch some good email addresses for use in the future. Well, between the time I created them and just before my support call.... I kinda forgot about them. That was until I opened Apple's Find My Friend App.

    While looking through the "Me" settings of the Find My Friends app, I came across a setting under invitations, entitled Send As. When I clicked on this field, a huge list of email addresses appeared. On the list was my main AppleID / as well as the aliases I had created underneath that one. As well as I seeing many of the other accounts and aliases that I had created a few years ago on this list. Excited that I had found them and that they were linked to my account, I placed a call to Apple to get the passwords reset for those additional email accounts/AppleID's. After a few beeps of the touch tone and a Welcome to Apple, Followed by a Hi Bruce, what Apple product are you calling about today...bla bla bla .... After a few moments, I got a support person on the line.. I tell him basically everything I stated above, forgot account, found it listed in find my friends app.. Don't know the passwords to the accounts and would like to get them reset. Support person looked up the information, told me that they found the accounts/aliases but that they were deleted off my account. I told him that I didn't do that and questioned if maybe during the MobileMe to iCloud conversion something went wrong... He said no... So, I then asked if he could tell me when they were deleted and by who. He stated that I apparently deleted these all at the same time, which I believe he said happened on February 9th. 2012. When I told him that I couldn't have deleted these accounts, because on February 9th, 2012, I was in the hospital with absolutely no access or ability to get on a computer. When I asked how do I get these restored, he said I can't. Once they are deleted, they are unable to be assigned back to me or anyone. When, I again said that I didn't delete them and that someone must have hacked my account and what can you do to research that... He said nothing. When I said that he was crazy and if there was someone else in account security I could talk to about this because there had to be a way to re-instate them. He stated no.. When I asked why I am seeing these emails as an option to send invitations as, in the find my friend app... He stated that it must be a bug in the app.. Another example of how I am advising Apple that my account was hacked and what could they do to research it... NOTHING... What could they do to give me back my email addresses that were just sitting in limbo..... NOTHING... What did Apple do about the suppose bug in the Find My Friend App.... NOTHING... BECAUSE WHEN I OPEN THE APP TODAY I STILL SEE ALL OF MY EMAIL ADDRESSES.

    Let's go back a little bit further... I don't recall the exact date but I believe it was in the middle of 2011. I was getting return emails back to my iCloud email account but they were not emails I had sent.. So, I logged the iCloud email web site and was looking around when I noticed that their was a yahoo China email account in the forward a copy of all emails to field.. I immediately deleted it and contacted Apple. I advised the representative that my account was comprised and what could they do to look into it. Nothing...they couldn't tell me when this change happened or what IP address the change came from or if their were any other changes etc.. They did offer the restore some email. I honestly don't recall how they were able to figure out how to do that. Lol. But that is as far as the help went.

    I just gave you three examples where I felt my account and or device along with potentially all my personal information was compromised and where Apple did absolutely nothing about it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..

    Would you like to hear another one... I know, your probably saying to your self, no, please no... Make him stop... Ha.... Or... You haven't yet reached this part of my letter because you just didn't have time right now... No worries... I'm sure you put it in that remind me later folder didn't you. What's that folder
    Called again??? Oh yea, that's right the Deleted Items Folder.

    (If you have reached this point of my email, I suggest you pause for a moment and take a stretch and yawn. :))

    Ok.. Thank you for hanging in there...

    So, let me tell you about one more experience....

    On December 22nd, 2013, being unable to receive any assistance from AppleCare technical support about why my device wasn't working properly or help verifying a few of the processes I had questioned..Trying to get Apple to do something so I can have some piece of mind....Again, I got nothing... No wait.... That's a lie... I'm sorry.. I did get something from the support rep. That time.... It was a suggestion to use Apple's online support forums.... So, with my list in hand of the processes I was unable to verify or find out a single bit of information from a Google search(weird), I went searching Apple's support forums. The first process I search for information on was AGXcompilerService. Again, I was only able to find two posts questioning this process (very weird)... I opened up the first post and was only able to find found only two messages posted about the process: . during one of my many with no help from AppleCare Technical support or any pieceregarding trying to verify some processes that were running either on my phone or computer. At this point I don't recall because I just didn't trust any of my Apple Devices... I decided to Aago I believe I was questioning some



    I have so much fire inside me right now that I feel should be directed point blank back at Apple by way of hiring an attorney to sue you for mental anguish, breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, loss of use, and gross negligence. Apple and its employees never took any steps in a good faith effort to try and research and report back to me what happened nor did you ever try to prevent or remedy any of my issues. As a proximate result, I Bruce stenXXXx have sustained substantial losses.

    I'm sure I am not the only one that has experienced this neglect from Apple.
    So, I think there needs to be some governmental regulations that get in acted to prevent the kind of experience I have gone through. With some help I will write and get my congressmen to bring to the floor, The Data, Storage, Security, Privacy, and Disclosure ACT., which would enact regulations, requiring software, hardware, Internet service and data storage providers to fully disclose and document all processes, methods and actions used in the capture, storage, transmission or retrieval of any data for which it has not created nor originated on its own. This would include, requiring makers of operating systems and bootable device firmware to fully document every running process with a full and complete explanation as to what the process does, the if it relies on another process(s), the names of those processes, if the process is part of a user Interface-able application, the the title and default location of the startup executable, what level of security it operates under, under what condition does it operate under (I.e. On startup, delayed start, triggered by alternative process or scheduled task) if it's a local only process or requires a network connection, what networks the process may communicate with, the protocols and ports used along with what data is passed across and if any ports are listening, the method used to secure the connection, what the default location this process runs from, MD5 hash, file date, file size, what user data it interacts with, etc.. This will allow users to quickly lookup a running process and verify it against a know set of Official Apple documentation. To ensure the validity of the process and that it is operating in a method which has been documented.

    Provide and make available to all customers a utility that will allow the end user to restore their systems firmware back to system default version in the event a systems EFI has been compromised.
    and how as well as an . networks which it will communicate with, and and explain every run comply and fully explain and document every process that could potentially run on any of its devices, outline how security concerns are captured and documented, researched, addresses as well as creating a global advocacy and outreach program that ensures all companies that handle consumer data either as a middle man or pop or as an end host, fully and completely outline what data they actually handle, the methods at which it is stored and outline the process they complete to research any security concerns. Expand the PCI requirements currently in place and suggest the introduction of a new governmental consumer protection agency specifically for creating standards, monitoring companies for compliance, educating end users as to their rights and educating companies like Apple as to their roles and responsibilities responsibilities of hardware/software and data storage providers like yourself as to the process and handling of company complaints when a customer feels like I do... That a company is in violation of providing basic consumer protections against its data.

    It was not just the calling Apple and getting nada, (crying, wanting to beat my head into the wall,) repairing, reformatting, reinstalling, that was frustrating. It was all the times that I couldn't use devices because I didn't feel comfortable and had lost trust in them. That, I think was the most painful and frustrating part of it all because since the age of 9, I have always had a computer and have made it such a big part of my life and now what. I won't bore you with my personal or professional life's woo's, or the poor decisions which I have made which brings me to today.... But, I'll just say this. When my most important people have failed and then I began to fail me.... The last thing that I needed was my Apple Computer and Company to fail me. But you did. Over and over again. Years worth of lost productivity. Countless hours wasted either calling, researching, reformatting, figuring out how to re flash the EFI, because... Again, apparently Apple feels it's impervious to any type of hack (SORRY YOUR NOT), so they decided to no longer provide EFI restore software. (Thanks Apple). Even though there are multiple sources that state rootkits for MAC are not only possible but have been done.

    Why I Fell in love with Apple
    What has always made Apple different and worth every cent of its premium, was that you knew when you bought an Apple Computer that it was built with the highest quality and most advanced components. Bundled with each system came the most advanced and beautiful operating system on the planet, OS X. Along with that came an amazing suite of fully featured apps like Safari, Mail, IPhoto, iTunes, GarageBand, and iMovie that provide every user with a ready foundation to start, capture, create and consume all that this new digital life has to offer. But, more then all of that... The reason why I purchased Apple products was because I knew that I would have an amazing customer experience throughout the entire life cycle of your product. From beginning to end. Top to bottom. Side to side and everything else in between. I knew I could count on Apple and its products...not some of the time...But all of the time, because just as I valued Apple, I knew that Apple valued me just as much.

    Sadly, however, with the passing of Steve Jobs....Also appears to have come the passing of how Apple values my relationship with them.

    Today, it's profits over people for Apple.

    On the outside, it may look like the same Apple Computer, Inc. but once you dig a little deeper, what you will find staring you right in the face will be nothing more then a bunch of hollowed out aluminum and shattered crystals of sapphire.

    This relationship isn't working and I am extremely upset and unhappy..... I deserve to know who my partner is that I am sharing my life with. That the relationship we have is built on trust, honesty, respect and integrity. That we communicate with each other openly, and honestly, no matter what the situation may be and know that no matter what, we will always be there for each other through the good times and bad...
    Does that sound about right? Isn't this what you expect from your partner, your family and your best friends? Well, why should I not expect it from you, because you probably no more about me then all of them combined..
    I'm completely upset, heartbroken, *%#%%*#*#% (profanity) about this entire situation and although I thank my higher power for allowing me to still have a sense of humor after all of this, my expectations about our relationship are not a laughing matter.
    Ugggg..l am so tired mentally from writing this.... You've drained me.... I apologize for any typo's or grammatical errors. I normally would go through and fix them but the thought of having to go through my experience with you and over to the painstaking finish is something I think I can do without.

    APPLE, I expect more from you then what you've been giving me. (Which recently have been a lot of headaches and heartbreak). Don't you remember the good old days when life was less complicated and we lived and loved in harmony. Get us back there. Please. I love you Apple and I would hate to lose you from my life... But, if I don't see a change very the due to unreconcilable differences Its pains me to say this, but I am going to have to ask for a divorce.



    P.S. Just a reminder Apple..... I never signed a prenup. :)

    A fanboy's Cry

    For all the Mac fans and Steve Job lovers.
    For all those that thought differently, before thinking differently came into fashion.
    For all whom stuck by your side, when Apple got lost along the way.
    For all the cheers, high fives, and countless nights we sat outside your doors at each and every milestone along your journey to today.
    For all the pain we felt and prayers we sent when we knew Steve's health was in question and all the tears we wept and the silent whispers of goodbye we gave when we lost a true genius.
    And for all those (like me) that were so unbelievably proud of Tim Cook as he stepped into his new position as CEO without a hiccup and for his openness and honesty about being a member of the LGBTE Community.
    Tim... I salute you..
    And, I ask you..
    Don't become a company based on products and profits...
    Become a company based on people.
    Yes, you make beautiful products....
    And no disrespect to Johnny Ive's, but beauty is only skin deep...
    Where's Apple's heart and soul.
    It's great that you've been able to put a computer in everyone's pocket...
    Now put the human back into computing.
    This means opening yourself up.
    Leading with your strength and Embracing your vulnerabilities.
    We are a team, are we not?
    Expect more from yourself, not in the form of battery life, pixel density or product scale. But in how many people you were able touch, breath new life into when all hope was lost, comfort and let them know everything is going to be ok and help when they get lost or stuck along the way.. (And you should expect the same from me)

    Thank you.


    Now a search in the AppStore under Kitcam shows two of the same piece of software from the same author. But if you look at the pictures some of the text is Russian. Additionally, both show a plus next to get which I believe means in app purchase yet it is missing the actual text that normally corresponds to that under the authors name. The second Kitcam shows the word free on the icon yet it shows a plus on the get button.

    Now doing a search under Kitcamera in the AppStore shows yet another copy of the exact same application by the exact same author. The only difference is that their is no Russian in the picture. Yet if this is the one that I own then it had Russian in the long name.

    The below show the two Versions of Kitcam that I've purchased. One from Sebastian and one from ghostbird

    The below are the email accounts/AppleID's which someone deleted from my account and which although I can see them here somehow. I can't access them.


    I was over a friends house yesterday when you called. As you know I have spent countless hours trying to get Apple to provide me with support including taking the time to put it in writing a week ago.

    Just so that I can be sure how to proceed from here. You stated on the phone that everything the support representatives did or didn't do is how it stands and that Apple can provide no further support for me or my issues.

    So to confirm.

    1. Apple is refusing to review my account, systems and processes to verify the legitimacy of them even though my account has been hacked into multiple times.

    2. Apple refuses to return the deleted Emails/aliases that were deleted on February 9th 2012, by an unauthorized user of my account.

    3. Apple refuses to fix the "bug" in its own software which reflects the above additions email aliases in the Find my Friends application.

    4. Apple refuses to review and provide a credible reason why I have an Application on my device which does not match any AppStore Application.

    5. Although Apple's online developer documentation states that a developer can not list the same application with features and functionality in the AppStore, what Kathleen Grooms states to me is actually the correct answer. "Developers can duplicate their application listing multiple times in the AppStore.

    6. To further verify item 5. Because Apple does allow multiple copies of the same software in its AppStore, that is why I am seeing multiple versions of KitCam included in the AppStore.

    7. Finally, it is my understanding that users like myself, who have account security issues, the best resource Apple can provide is Apple's feedback page, located at

    Can you or someone at Apple please put a response in writing to me. If you are stating that Apple stands by their decisions based on my letter.... Do they don't stand by them enough to put them in words?


    Bruce StenXXXX

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Mar 23, 2015, at 9:08 PM, Kelly Creech <> wrote:

    Dear Bruce,

    Thank you for allowing me to assist you with this case.

    As we had discussed in our conversation, I wanted to make sure that you had my contact information: 1-877-388-0879, ext. 41519 and your case number: 7657XXXXX

    The corporate address is:
    Apple Inc
    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, California

    I am available Monday and Wednesday-Saturday, 1:00pm-10:00pm (CST). If I am not immediately available at the time of your call, please leave me a voicemail and I will return your call on the next day I am scheduled to work.

    If you need anything, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Creech



    Will Apple explain why they told me those additional email accounts / appleids which apple said were deleted from my account on February 9th, 2012.. Which I advised I didn't do and that someone must have hacked my account. Was told by Apple that these have been deleted and are unable to be reassigned.... Yet... Still show up in Find my Friends. BUT WHAT IS EVEN MORE ALARMING IS THAT ONE OF THE IDS WHICH YOU SAID WAS DELETED... IS APPARENTLY LOGGED INTO THE FIND MY FRIENDS APP... HELLLLLOO! APPLE WHO IS LOGGED INTO MY FIND MY FRIENDS as IF ITS NOT ME AND NO ONE IS ASSIGNED THEM.... ALSO WHAT DEVICE IS TESTS PHONE. I DONT HAVE ANOTHER DEVICE...

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    It is a waste of time to post all of that in this forum. This isn't Apple. Apple doesn't read this forum. There's nothing anyone in this forum can do to help you. This isn't the first time you've ranted in this forum, which accomplishes nothing.
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    Yeah, as the last poster said, posting it here isn't going to achieve a single thing other than maybe a moderately amusing thread put into the eternal black hole that is wasteland.
  4. polobruce thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 15, 2006
    Well thanks for your Comments...

    But, I'm on this message board because Apple refuses to deal with these issues. Posts on Apple's site referring to these topics have been administratively removed (not sure why). Although I appreciate you setting my level of expectation at to my outcome on this topic, i'm hopeful that, at least from a technical perspective.. They could assist me in reviewing/verifying the App's in question. Hopefully suggest a method or process for which to verify "undocumented" processes. As well as a suggestion for both managing IPV6 on IOS as well as understanding the reason for open ports on my device and what could possibly be the culprit.

    Finally, I was hoping that maybe others had experienced something some of the same situations or issues that I had came across and could shed some more light on it.

    GGJ - Not sure what you're referring to about me ranting on these message boards other times. Not sure if you've got me confused with someone else or what but I could only find one other message where I was talking icloud security and that was years ago before two form auth.

    Again, thanks for the input and I hope you guys have a great day!
  5. Traverse macrumors 604


    Mar 11, 2013
    Apple, unfortunately, doesn't care what you, I, or anyone else on this forum thinks.

    If the masses are happy, they're happy.
  6. whsbuss macrumors 68040


    May 4, 2010
    SE Penna.

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