My opinion on the "smartphone war"

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by maccompatible, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Apple makes great phones in their vision of what a smartphone should be. Other companies do, too. However, when a company creates an ad deliberately making fun of the people that enjoy a certain product, it causes people to be prejudice for no reason. Sure, older versions of android were heavily inspired by iOS. Sure, iOS took features from android over the years. But this attitude is what makes people special. We don't need to reinvent the wheel every time we want to use it. However, patents are an entirely different case and should be dealt with in court. I appreciate Samsung "trying" to come up with new gestures for their GS3 (like palm touch mute pause. lol.) They may be less than optimal, but they're trying to do things in a different way that some may actually prefer.

    Anyway, what will the future hold? Will it be like cars, where they all look the same but have slightly different features and preferences? Speaking of cars, why does no one ever say "all you X sheep buying X. The real cars are Y." People don't kill each other over cars, even if one flagrantly copies the other.

    Or will it end up like the iPod in 10 years, the only device anyone seriously considers?

    Personally, I think you take what either company (Apple/Google) provides and make the best of it and stick with it. I have purchased music/movies/books/apps through iTunes, so it would be bad to switch and lose all of that. I enjoy airplay. Does it mean that these features are better than Google Play or the nexus Q? So not is the decision of phone influenced by hardware features, but also by which ecosystem you belong to. So someone in the iTunes ecosystem can enjoy an iPhone as well as someone in the Play ecosystem enjoying their nexus.

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    Apple makes great phones, for sure. Apple did Mac vs PC ads and attacked users, why can't samsung? Its OK for Apple to Attack PC users?

    Old versions of Android were not inspired by iOS, do your research. Android was in development long before iOS.

    You've clearly never been to a drag strip, and seen a ' Ford vs Chevy " argument :p Where dodge guy ( windows phone ) is like meh.

    As far as mp3 players go? I see a ton of other great MP3 players out there, and people must be buying them or these companies wouldn't be in business.

    Whats really happened to the iPhone is that it kinda got ' windows " effect on it, sure it makes the most profit, but as far as marketshare and userbase go, Android has it.

    Im sure they'll both Co-Exist nicely.

    The war between Android and iOS is over, Android won, unless you an investor or Apple employee, they make more money. But hey, people talk like the billions of profits made by Android makers and Google are failures.

    It will most likely be Android number 1, iOS number 2, And I think Windows Phone will replace RIM at Number 3 with 15-20% marketshare and be mostly business.

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