My Original iMac G5 broke...again....

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by spencecb, Oct 22, 2005.

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    Nov 20, 2003
    But this turns out to be a good thing for me. First of all, let me state that if you have the Rev A iMac G5 and have experienced video card failure which causes the entire logic board to be replaced to fix it, Apple has extended repair on these machines even if the warranty has expired. This problem only exists in a certain range of serial numbers, but you can check what they are on Apple's dicussion forums. Anyway, this happened to my iMac 3 seperate times. So by the third time, I was rightfully pissed that they haven't fixed the problem. I called the tech number, after finding out that there was an extension repair concerning this issue. Long story short, I found out they had placed a used logic board in my computer the second time the video card failed (and most likely the first time, since the issue happened a second time, resulting in a third failure). The logic board, however, was registered to an elementary school, and because of this, they couldn't find a service record on "my computer." So, at this point, I demanded to have a replacement computer, and not to have current one repaired again. The awesome news is, I found out today that my order was delayed, but for a very good reason....Apple is giving me the new Rev. C iMac with the iSight and Front Row!!!! I couldn't be happier...not to mention it has a 250 GB harddrive, where mine was 160 GB, and more standard RAM, which will bring me up to 1 GB. Sorry for the long post, but I was excited, and also wanted to inform people of the extended repair program...and don't let Apple push you around if this problem has been reaccuring to you...demand they give you a replacement computer! Thanks for reading!
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    Can you please put this in paragraphs so it is at least readable? ;)
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    From my own, and I am sure others, experience, if apple sold you a machine that has a major design error they will fix it. And then fix it again, and again. With the same part, that will have the same problem.

    I am the not-so proud owner of a ibook that has had the logic board repaired twice.

    I imagine that the cost of replacing the flawed logic board with a board that has the same flaw is cheaper than redesigned it so that it no longer has the flaw.

    sounds like you made out well from the deal.
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    May 29, 2005
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    Awsome. I had a similar experience with a flaky Powerbook. Enjoy the new Mac.
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    I'm incredibly sorry...I wasn't aware sentences were hard to read...I was only trying to be helpful.
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    This affect Apple in a minimal way, since Apple made a hugh profit off the rev A iMac G5 using the same video card as the iMac G4 and so forth that giving you the rev C would not even hurt sales. In fact it looks better for Apple as they can post that replacement iMac G5 as a "sale."

    In which case it looks good during the Q1 2006 record for investors. ;) :)

    Glad to know that you are happy. :)

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