My own personal drop test


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Jun 20, 2010
I was in the doctors office had to take my sweatshirt off, like a big dummy I thought I'd put my iPhone in between it for safe keeping..

After the appointment I just grabbed my sweatshirt not thinking, and my phone literally went flying landing unevenly on the BACK of the phone.. On tile.

Tails never fails, literally not a scratch or nick or dent, looks like it did out of the box. Bend issues it not, the aluminum is much much more resilient than the 5 and 5s , they were really soft, to the point were it was wearing down on the corner from putting it in and out of my pocket.

Seems like it will take a lot to scratch this phone


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Nov 2, 2008
This is my plea to our beloved MR forums: Please don't make a thread each time you drop your phone. Thanks from me.

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