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Aug 2, 2012
My own redesign of iOS 7 icons [Icon download provided]

I feel it's quite unique and I personally like it, some of the ideas come from old iOS version and some of them come from OS X Mavericks, but anyway...

You can manually replace the icons via iFunbox or alternative software, downloaded from the zip file.
These icons are located under /Application/
ONLY for iPhone and iPod touch. Need manually resize for iPad.

BTW - The dock is transparent because I used HiddenSettings7's Wallpaper-Replace Blurs function.

If you would like to republish this somewhere else, please mention it's created by Kaini or Vista980622 from Macrumors.

I've also posted the same thread on another chinese forum, and yes, I am the original creator.

It's not perfect, actually far away from that. But anyway, here's my work:


  • Redesigned iOS 7 Icons By
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  • iPad.PNG
    1.3 MB · Views: 848
  • iPod touch.PNG
    iPod touch.PNG
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