My Pascal Lab class and now java?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by larswik, Feb 16, 2011.

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    So after my Pascal Class on Monday I went to the computer lab to work on the home work problem assignment. Afterward I was talking to the TA about wanting to start the iPhone programming class next semester. He said "ooooo.... that is not a procedural language and it jumps around you really should take JAVA first to get use to an OO level language". My thought was, "!!!!!". OMG, really??? I start with Python, then to a little Object-C and switched to C which I finished the book, now to the Pascal class and then I need to take a Java class?

    What do you guys think? Maybe I will start reading the next PeachPress objective-C book now to help get me up to speed so I don't need to start on another language before the iphone programming class.

  2. subsonix macrumors 68040

    Feb 2, 2008
    If you got the OOP concepts down, you should be able to pick up Obj-C without problem IMO. If not you can get a hang of if through Python, or just look for some online material describing object oriented analysis, or a book.
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    You have to learn OOP with some OO language. If it's java or objective-C... you'll get to the same place. If the java class isn't a pre-req for the iPhone class you want to take, I wouldn't say it's strictly necessary. If the description of the iPhone class says the course assumes you are familiar with OOP principles, you'll need to be. But if pascal is the pre-req I would have to think they'd cover objective-C including OO concepts along with cocoa touch specifics.

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    Sep 8, 2006
  5. Bill McEnaney macrumors 6502

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    Some Pascal dialects are object-oriented.
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    larswik's Pascal course is using an old Turbo Pascal book as a text, so I doubt that is the case here.

  7. macsmurf, Feb 19, 2011
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    Java is a nice learning language for OOP. Objective C is sort of a mix between OOP and a procedural language (C), which can make it confusing. In other words, I agree with your TA. There a lot of good learning material on Java. Also, it's a widely used language in the industry so it's worth learning on its own merits. Pascal, on the other hand, is pretty much dead except as a learning language.
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    what's the difference between objective-C and C++? I thought C is procedural, and C++ is the object-oriented extension of C?? :confused:
  9. Sydde macrumors 68020


    Aug 17, 2009
    The fundamental difference between Objective-C and C++ is that Objective-C requires platform infrastructure support (like libraries + frameworks) while C++ is a tool that compiles standard procedural object code written in an object-oriented source structure. C++ can be used within Objective-C (is available to Cocoa programmers) and is used as the support structure behind the IOKit part of Mac OS used to write device drivers.
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    so a truer comparison should be between say objective-c and visual c++ for windows needing the platform infra. support?
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    Older than this ( version of Turbo Pascal?
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    ahhh...that makes sense. Thanks! :)

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