my PB G4 won't startup completely

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jjpark, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Nov 9, 2005
    Dear Mac Rumors Community,

    I bit of warning: this post will be rather lengthy, provided I hope to be thorough, as I’m currently at work, on break, and therefore not exactly permitted to check any updates to this thread freely. Furthermore, I’m in Japan, figuring time zones are of some matter, as they normally are. And finally, I’m off on business tomorrow for the next four days and was hoping to bring my mac with me, but given its current disability, I may have to reconsider my options, unless otherwise remedied. Please, help. Any sort of likely solutions are duly appreciated.

    I’m faced with a difficult problem, my PowerBook G4 will not entirely boot up, stalling midway through the process (my PB being of 15in – I don’t recall its other specs, but it was purchased through the Apple Store last year, in the summer of `04; in addition, the OS had recently been upgraded to the latest 10.4.3).

    In detail, after pressing the power button, the computer as it should, powers on, however everything seems to move bit more sluggishly than I remember. The screen goes from black to dark gray to light gray then the Apple logo appears at the center of the screen and that little progress circle, cycles around, a process we’re all familiar with, I’m sure; again, all this is just a bit slower, if memory serves me. But it’s at this logo and the mini progress vortex that the computer sits, blankly.

    After ten minutes, I power down, then back up, this time leaving the computer to sit at the logo/vortex screen for 30 minutes. Nothing. Then I try again, this time letting it sit for an hour and 20 minutes. Nothing. Then, I leave the computer off, powered down, for the next 30 minutes, then try again, to no avail. I then try yet again, but this time – not properly knowing what to do – hold down as many keys as my hands allow, hoping to reach some sort of alternative means of drive access – like with PCs and DOS. And to my surprise, I actually manage to reach this alternative means in question. Alas, this having been my first time, I hadn’t a clue as to what to do, what to press, to type, and so forth, so I grimly followed the on-screen instructions and typed “mac-boot” and had the command return me to my friends, Apple and Vortex.

    Now, it was getting late and I was running out of ideas, so in a futile attempt, with no logical reasoning, I insert a random CD as if I believed this actually save the day – well as it goes, it was rubbish, and nothing good came from it, in fact it set me back, provided the computer would not have me eject the CD. So a few more power ups and downs, trying to get the computer to fully boot, as well as the CD to eject, then… with the power button imbedded on the tip of my finger, I go to bed.

    This morning, right before work, I try again, and to my surprise, upon pressing the eject button, the CD actually ejects, but after some reasoning, I gather its because I simply pressed the eject button earlier in the boot process, something I don’t believe I considered the night before.
    Well, that’s the problem.

    Perhaps a bit of back-story will help, provided I won’t exactly be available to troubleshoot, for some time.

    My best guess is the problem has something to do with hard drive space, or rather the lack there of.

    About a week earlier, I began downloading series one of “Desperate Housewives,” from the iTunes Music Store. Now, with my crap ISDN connection, this process would take a while. So I left my computer on days in and nights out, periodically and manually disconnecting and reconnecting the internet connection, with the connection often times freezing. But with all this aside – the constant downloading and leaving the computer on for hours and hours time – the computer ran as it always had: without flaw.

    But then, just the other day, in the midst of being about 5 episodes away of finishing season one and what’s out with season two, I check the iTunes store, and see a new episode of “Housewives” made available, so I “Click to Buy” and the app/store starts to authorize. Then… the iTunes app abruptly shuts down. I try again, and again still, and it continues to shutdown without fail, always upon pressing the “Click to Buy” button to the right of the episode text. And then, I try again, this time signing in to my iTunes account beforehand, then clicking to buy, and to my great fortune, amidst my despair, it works, at which point I decide to check how much hard drive space I have remaining; 800 mbs.

    So I start transferring files over to my external, but manage to free a mere gig. Then I turn to my Final Cut Pro projects folder, to which I clear out some of the massive render folders for projects on indefinite standby, and with that, I was up to 4gbs of freedom. Then I sat by as the current episode continued to download.

    But even with plenty of hard drive space, recently made available, and still available last time I checked, I fear hard drive space may be the issue here. Although, I can’t be sure, having no discernable way to successfully boot up my mac, and check the drive. Clearly, there are ways, just ways I’m unfamiliar with.

    Now last night, I was surfing the web, then decided to check my mail (via the Apple Mail app), the app opened up, started searching, with a mini vortex spinning by the Inbox tab to the left, then… suddenly… the app shuts down, as iTunes did prior. I open up the Mail app once more, clicking the Sent Mail tab and misc letters, all while the app attempted to retrieve new letters, and like clockwork, the app shuts down once more.

    Discouraged with my recent PB troubles, I decide to check Software Update, to see if there had been an upgrade release. The Software Update app icon loads on the dock, but only for a micro sec, then vanishes; I try this a few more times, yielding the same results. I then figure I ought to restart, and that brings us to the present.

    So that’s everything. To the Mac Rumors Community: in your assistance I trust.


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    Feb 14, 2003
    Boot up off a Mac OS X disk and run disk utility to check your disk. This way you can check the disk for problems, look at the amount of remaining space, and check your S.M.A.R.T. status (a sort of early warning system for mechanical HD failures) all at the same time.
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    Jan 8, 2004
    Did you try resetting the pram, Cmd+option+p+r

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