My pencil is bound to get lost, so...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Steve686, Jan 1, 2016.

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    image.jpeg I saw an eBay add for those simple cable router knobs listed at one piece for $10.

    Laughable. I have two six packs of them and each pack was about $10.

    Anyways, mounted the pencil with two of them onto the outer silicone cover from Apple. Test folding the case so the knobs don't hinder any angles thatvitnfolds.

    Best to turn each of them about one degree inward or outward from a straight line to put just a touch of pressure on the pencil to help keep it from slipping. The pencil fits snug, so this is precautionary.
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    Jun 9, 2015
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    Had mine in the post a couple of weeks back. They're just brilliant. Very simple in design - you dont even know you have it on.
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    I have that magnet from Moxiware. I was disappointed. Felt cheap and there are only a handful of spots it even stays.

    I ordered the Quarter from Steel Connect. Shipping in the next week or two. Brilliant design.
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    Thanks for the info, the Quarter from Steel Connect looks interesting and likely solution I will get.
  6. sjleworthy, Jan 2, 2016
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    i didnt get a Quarter because you cant keep your Pencil gripped at the same time as keeping the power cable constantly plugged in to charge the ipad in any sensible fashion. (i use my ipad connected to my smart keyboard.)

    the sleeve from moxiware is cheap. it's only a magnet covered sleeve costing pennies, but is very inconspicuous, doesn't hinder the holding or using experience (you dont even know it's there) and snaps most securely to the top edge (when in LS orientation) strip of magnets. for me it's just the ticket, and cost give or take 10 bucks or so.

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    Ha, I use the exact same thing. Bought a watch from Japan and he through a bunch of goodies in. These were in there. I leave it in my pencil as a holder when I'm not using it.

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