My perfect case idea that is currently not being made

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by 3goldens, May 9, 2010.

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    I have a Sony reader the wireless one and it has a great case concept that i wish someone would replicate for the iPad.

    It has a snap away front cover and utilizes it's own back, which is more durable than the ipads.

    So my thought would be for someone to make a back case along the lines of the very slim Speck candy shell, that covers the port but allows you to flip it back to dock and has some sort of front cover that can be removes so one can use without all the bulk and then reattach when one wants to travel or theow in the bag.

    Now i know you could use a screen protector which I do but I really don't think that is sufficient. Check out the sony system they really had a good idea there that some smart manufacturer should look into.

    Course if anyone knows about one please do post a link..

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    In my world
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    Wow thanks fornthe replies..i of course like the vaja the best.....the otter looks cool but I wouldnhavemto seem it. The hard candy looks amlittlemdelicate, those legs look like they would break off easily. Will wait for reviews to come in. Inwish someone someone would do one like vaja but not in leather.

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