My Photography Equipment! [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by dipm06, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. dipm06, Dec 14, 2011
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    dipm06 macrumors member

    Jul 28, 2009
    Hey guys, I made a quick video tour of the photography equipment that I use regularly. I wanted to practice my video editing and I think it turned out alright! It would be awesome if you guys could check it out! Thanks guys! Here is the link to the Video!
  2. budman1961 macrumors regular

    Mar 9, 2010
    Nice job! One mistake, when you describe the first lens, you mis-spell Angle, you spell it Angel!

  3. dipm06 thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 28, 2009
    I didn't catch that! Thanks! It goes by fast so I hope no one else catches it ;P
  4. pdxflint macrumors 68020


    Aug 25, 2006
    Oregon coast
    Noticed a minor mispelling on the other video too...

    Now that I think of it, I think you also made a mispelling of aperture in the other video in one of the text overlays... Not that big a deal, just wanted to mention it so you could go back and edit that. Overall, very well done. Cheers.
  5. dipm06 thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 28, 2009
    Ahhh so many errors D: Thanks for the feedback though!

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