My plan just changed and I need help!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by seanb814, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Jun 12, 2010
    Hi, I've been lurking on these boards for probably about a year or two now and just decided to make a username. I've looked around for answers but can't seem to find them all for my particular question. I got the 3g on launch day and I am due for a 2 year contract renewal and the $18 fee waived. I had my own contract, which was the 450 min plan, unlimited data, and unlimited text. After taxes it usually came out to like $104-$105. Well my mom just merged my plan and my dad's plan with hers to create a family plan. We now share 700 mins, unlimited nights and weekends and mobile to mobile of course, and my unlimited iphone data plan is still in check. Now that I'm on her bill, she has a FAN discount for working at a court (so govt agency) and I'm wondering if I can still preorder the iphone 4 on the 15th with all of these changes just happening and me now having a fan discount? Can anyone help oh and sorry for the tl;dr. Also, I understand that according to others on here, when you preorder the iphone 4, they don't charge you until later aka like the 22nd-24th or do they charge you right away? Thank you!
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    You are seriously going to have to call ATT for questions like this. There are far too many factors going on for anyone to tell you anything with any accuracy whatsoever.
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    Transfers are no big deal, just double check that your "Upgrade Eligible" date is correct. Dial *639# (phone call), you will get a free SMS Txt back with the status of your line.

    Now, to check your FAN, just go to the Apple Site and also use their "Check your eligibilty" link if it works, you should not have any issue with a pre-order from Apple for home delivery.

    When you pre-order make sure that you select your existing Unlimited iPhone data plan, it will be there along with the new plans... choose with care!

    Now if you want to pickup your iPhone at the Apple store, you will need to drag your "mom" along with you since it sounds like that shiny new FamilyTalk plan is in her name.

    You should also evaluate your lines after your iPhone 4 purchase and make the line that has the highest MRC move to the Primary line, might get you an Upgrade next Summer for the the next iPhone xx.



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