My Powrbook got NEW SHOES!


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Jan 27, 2005
One Endless Loop
Got these awesome little clear rubber round stick on bumbers for my powerbook at wall mart. They are awesome. 16 of them for $.94. They look great and elevate my powerbook 1/4in so more air can get under the powerbook. Keeps it cool and prevents scratching on the bottom. Go to the tools section at walmart and look in the spot where they keep the nuts and bolts, they are hanging there. They stay on too. I have these on my Tibook as well and love them.


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Nov 2, 2004
I used these on my old Pismo and they worked great. The only problem was that when the computer heats up the glue on them tends to get soft and they move around leaving a sticky gunk on the bottom of the computer. The glue does come off but it takes some work (I think i ended up using rubbing alcohol on a towel to get it off)
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