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May 5, 2002
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I think new towers will be released for the following reasons. I don't know configurations, take your pick depending on if you are an optimistic or pessimistic person. What I will predict about them is DDR and no USB2.

1. ATI is launching their next generation of graphics chips, intrestingly enough, tommorrow.

2. The rebates being offered are more closely associated with monitors than with towers.

3. There have been reports of thousands of iMacs in warehouses, and yet people see an iMac speed bumb as more likely than a tower one, when the towers have been EOL'd. Why should I believe that Apple will release new iMacs when inventory hasn't been cleared but that they won't release new towers when the situation is the same? They aren't going to move any of it if people are thinking August for new machines, so they might as well go about doing it now.

They aren't going to move this product without a higher resolution screen. And why not put in a half decent graphics card.

A 17 inch screen would help differentiate this line from the eMac. Widescreen 15 and 17 inch?

The ship date on says 2-3 days, until you try to buy one, in which case it becomes a week.

There is no wireless capability (bluetooth), so if nothing else, they will fix that. Bluetooth across the whole range of Apple products?

I have absolutely no basis on which to make this prediction. 20GB iPod, um, ok, sure why not. Wishful thinking.

Once again, absolutely no basis for predicting this. I predict all of the monitors will go to a widescreen format, if not now, then after the current monitor rebates have expired. 15, 19 and 23 inches. Once again, wishful thinking.

2 button optical mouse with scroll wheel. Bluetooth? One button mice suck, and they aren't going to be helping with any switchers. Can't say if sooner or later but it's coming either way.

New airport with both a and b standards built in? Requires new airport cards across all lines? Don't know, can't say.

I have been reading that Jaguar is near completion since June. Does it take an extra month from the time a product is completed to the time it is released. These aren't computers, for which you need to get components. These are CDs. I think its done, and will be released tommorrow. Am I just stupid?

I don't know. iTunes for mp4?


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Jul 15, 2002
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eMac updates

Right now although PowerMac updates would be really nice to oggle at CompUSA i realize that I'd never be able to afford one... so right now i'd like to see a boost in the eMac speed (maybe up to one gig... maybe a dual 800 or something) and possibly the option to include a superdrive... gigawire and usb2.0 would be nice also.



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Sep 21, 2001
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Boost on emacs unlikely

THe boost on the emac seems an unlikely thing to do, as they are the lower end of the consumers market (bar the g3) they would sooner boost the imacs (flatscreen) than the emac...


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Oct 4, 2001
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I am sick and tired of all the ranting over wanting bluetooth integrated into Mac's. With the current low volume of blueball devices, I wouldn't predict any integration into systems from anyone. IF Apple is to make an annoucement about blueballs, it will be either that they are dropping it since it is a very limited technology. OR that they have made the USB perverter/adapter available again from the web store.


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Jun 21, 2002
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I agree with just about everything AlejandroGonzo said. I think SJ may have Jaguar for attendees of the keynote speach too.

I think we'll see a new line of flat panel monitors sarting at 17" and going up. I'd imagine that the 22" will soon be cancelled and there will be a new lower priced monitor between 17" and 23".

As for the PowerMac, I'd expect a new board design and speed bump, but not a new case. However, the case may have some slight alterations. I'm hoping for usb/firewire ports in the front, but I don't expect it.


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Jun 21, 2002
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Originally posted by Rower_CPU
I don't think we'll see Jaguar released tomorrow...
...there are still new builds being seeded to beta testers...
I didn't realize that they were still seeding builds.