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Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by auero, Jun 10, 2009.

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    My mobile me expired in April and I didn't bother to renew it. I only used it for my mail really. Since then I have moved to gmail and everythings been smooth.

    However, my problem is that I'm purchasing an iPhone and I loved how the service worked together with the phone. I get more use out of it this way and a buddy of mine sold me a new key for only 50 bucks.

    Now, I created alias' on my old account (pretty much any combination of my name). There is no way to register one of those alias' correct? One issue I had is because blackberry mail is so quick, I'd get random emails constantly from someone named "p" or another letter and they'd be blank emails. There was no return address, nothing. It was very strange and I don't really recieve spam in my inbox as I'm careful to where I leave my email address.

    So my question is, do I bother reactivating my old account (I still can) and using that? Or do I just register a new account with some sort of different name so I don't care crap alerts in my inbox. Someone stated that you can't use the alias' on the iphone when sending mail, is this true? I don't remember from when I had my 3G. And is there also a way to free those alias'? I havent rang apple because the lines are so busy from all the people calling about their iphones.


    edit: also forgot! do you think my mail is still there or is it deleted by now if I reactivate my original account? Not that it's important.
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    You would be able to change the SMTP e-mail address by creating a new SMTP server using the same settings as your original MobileMe server details but changing the e-mail address.

    As for reactivating your old account, thats really only something you can decide. As for your e-mail I'm not sure if they would have deleted it or not, I'd imagine so, their would be no reason for Apple to keep the e-mail for longer than is required.

    Just re-read your post, the alias's you created in your old account will stay their, Apple couldn't go and reissue e-mail addresses people have previously used. If you had signed up to certain services or were getting a lot of spam on that address, if Apple let another customer get the e-mails it could cause a lot of problems.

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