my problems using parallels and bootcamp!

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    when i started using parallels and bootcamp the following things happen when running under bootcamp, and this is with multiple installs, so reinstalling either parallels or windows doesn't help.

    problems with bootcamp when parallels is installed:
    1. if i'm not a speed demon when starting windows, an error message pops up and i have to restart. This explained: it always asks what configuration i want to use, and if i dont move the highlighted option from parallels to microsoft windows xp professional edition saying i need to reinstall hal.dll.
    2. i always have to reactivate due to "hardware changes".
    3. the keys for dimming the screen, and volume keys stop working when running in boot camp on my macbook pro.

    problems in parallels:
    1. i always have to reactivate windows.

    if anyone knows the resolution to any of these above problems i would be very happy, especially the reactivating windows part. This happens under parallels 3.0, and every other version of parallels i have had. This is all on the core 2 duo 2.33ghz macbook pro. thanks in advance.
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    The re-activation of your Windows license (already installed with Boot Camp) is a normal step in the Parallels desktop installation/setup, it's very easy just use the web, or call the Microsoft number.

    Be sure that you installed all the Boot Camp drivers from Apple, and also that Parallels Tools were properly installed in your Windows partition by Parallels.

    Also when you start Parallels you must wait until it finishes it's startup routine, it gives you a warning message that file corruption may occur if you do something in your Mac or try to do something in the virtual machine.

    If you still have problems my suggestion is to check you have the latest firmware update and re-format with Boot Camp assistance, install Windows again, the :apple: drivers, then update windows natively and apple software in windows until it is up to date.
    After this install parallels again and let it install the parallels tools.
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    sorry i didnt want to mention that i did all of that already, and i am careful when initialization occurs. i just want to clear one thing up: EVERY TIME i start windows(either boot camp or parallels) it asks for me to reactivate it and i do. I know its easy, but it is a nuisance. thanks
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    I think there are certain steps you were supposed to do when activating. I thought they were different but it looks similar to what I've looked up for VMWare:

    (Note by me: Install windows and activate it under boot camp)
    Note by me: Make sure you restart here
    I believe after this, the parallels tools will suppress any activation messages.

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