My quest for the perfect 5S case has come to an end!

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    Ever since getting my iPhone 5S a week or so ago I've been on the hunt for the perfect case. The perfect case to me is a case that has a minimalist design but still provide decent drop protection from pocket/chest height.

    I had a speck candy shell on my iPhone 5 for over a year and loved it. Not bulky, sturdy design, protected against countless drops. I was tired of the regular ole white with grey trim but the color selection for candyshells are very limited. None that appealed to me.

    I tried a spigen tough armor (white/black). While I loved the color contrast it just didn't feel as sturdy as a candy shell. I felt like if I dropped it it would cause damage to my phone. Also I don't really like 2 piece case designs. I returned it.

    After lots of research, reviews, and YouTube videos I figured I would give the UAG navigator a try. It looked bulkier than a candy shell in pictures but I figured I would try.

    Man am I impressed with this case. The one piece design is just as sturdy as a candy shell. The industrial design on the back is a nice fresh change from static white. I went with white/black color but UAG offers a variety of others as well. I also am surprised at how thin it actually is. Minimal bulk. Only probably a 1-2mm thicker than the candy shell. I can deal with it. Works great with my spigen ultra crystal screen protector. Can't comment on tempered glass protectors. The UAG has plenty of lip for laying on a table as well. For only $20 off Amazon and free shipping (prime) it was definitely a winner.

    TL-DR, I've had a candyshell forever. Hated the color combos. Tried a spigen slim armor. Not sturdy enough. Tried a UAG navigator. Loved it. Slim form factor. Great protection (scratches, drops, etc)

    Hope this helps at least one person. I thought my quest for the perfect case was never going to end!
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