My "r" key usually doesn't work, what should I do?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jasonfodor, Apr 18, 2018.

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    so my “r” key usually doesn’t work, I have to press it a bunch of times then it’ll work and some times it does two r’s “rr”.

    I usually wipe my keyboard with a some what dry clorox wipes and I had some dirt around that area so I wipes for a minute there. But this was a week ago and my r key has been giving issues for just the past two days.

    I don’t think it’s software related because it’ll work after a few tries. I tried removing the key and cleaning it (had a lot of dust and dirt but it didn’t help.

    Under they key is a white mushy suction cup button (see photo) and once you click the key it pushes that down. Even without the key on and if I just pushing the white suction key down it does the some problem and usually doesn’t work. Basically it doesn’t seem too responsive.

    What are my options? Obviously frustrating since they “r” key is a common key. I don’t want to replace they whole bottom since I just installed a new battery two weeks ago (no problem with the old, just had a 1,500+ cycle count and didn’t hold much of a charge.

    also my v key works and so does my left command key but when i press them together (to paste) some times it work and some times it doesn't (no matter how many times I press it).

    neither button is stuck so I think the spring is fine and so is the button, but I think the rubber cup inside is the problem. will buying buttons with cup help or do I need a new upper case (whole keyboard)?


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    A good rule of thumb it to only clean a keyboard with rubbing alcohol and only when the machine is turned off. Other chemicals can corrode contacts and put you where you are now. Worst case: How comfortable are you with replacing the keyboard?
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    A better rule of thumb is to never have rubbing alcohol anywhere near a keyboard.
  4. Miltz macrumors 6502a

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    You can't fix it. You need to have your keyboard replaced by Apple. I had similar issues with some of my keys. What model do you have? Also, you shouldn't be using those chemicals to clean the keyboard, EVER.
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    The entire time you have owned the MacBook, has any liquid ever spilled on it?

    Based on the picture, it looks like you have an older model. I was able to replace the entire keyboard myself a few years ago but it was a pain (there are like 200 little screws!)

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