My Recent Iphone Woes

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by basesloaded190, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Oct 16, 2007
    I thought i would share with you all all trouble I have had recently with AT&T and Apple concerning my phone.

    The story starts with me needing to get my phone replaced. Something was wrong with the headphone jack so I called and talked to a few people at Apple and after trouble shooting we came to the conclusion that it was a hardware failure and that I could return my phone for free and get a replacement.
    Fine. I get my replacement in the mail a few days later. Im pumped because its new. Its not brand new I know that, but those refurbs look great. I went to put in my sim card that I was using with my old razor for the time being and stuck it in the phone. No go. No signal and every time I connected the phone to itunes it was pop up with the message saying that this sim card is not compatible with the Iphone and so on. I thought this was strange because not only was this the Sim card I was using in my original phone, but in my razor while mine was being replaced.

    So i called AT&T and talked to three different people. Activated, deactivated and activated once more still no go. I was told that i would need to replace the sim card. AT&T would send me one, but only to the billing address, which is 3 1/2 hours from were I am at school right now. Of course there is no Apple or AT&T within 50 miles of where I am so my only option is to go to Best Buy and purchase one for $30. I was fine with that, I just wanted to use my phone. So the guy at best buy looked at the phone and pulled out a new sim card, and activated that one. He went over to the apple section and tried to connect it to itunes.

    It said the same damn thing again. At this point I was getting pretty pissed. There was nothing else he could do, so i went home and called Apple. After talking to 4 different people they realized that they had sent me a phone that was specific for a Canadian cell phone company and that's why the sim card wouldn't work. they were very apologetic and told me they were embarrassed something like that happened so they sent me out a brand new phone with new accessories and new warranty. So that phone just arrived to today and go figure it says the same damn thing again. mind you apple sent me a new sim with this phone so i made sure to activate that sim and the new phone with att. the sim works in the razor but not in the iphone. I called apple again and spoke to a senior iphone advisory and after having to have him trouble shoot it on his own for an hour he informed me that the system still thinks that I am trying to register a iphone for the Canadian cell phone company and that it might take two or three days for them to fix the problem.

    So now i have to wait until i hear from him on Thursday for them to hopefully have solved this problem, when i leave for spring break on Friday. Oh and the phone they sent me, the top button doesn't work. It doesn't turn the screen on or off and i can't do a hard reset or even turn the thing off. The guy said that might have something to do with the activation process, which i don't believe. So hopefully by Thursday i have a phone that works with my sim card and the screen can be turned on by the top button or im going to flip.

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    Sorry you are having problems

    Actually, I don't know what problems you are having because I didn't read your post
    You might want to try breaking it up into paragraphs or chunks for easier reading and coherency

    But nevertheless, since the post was a rant and not a question, I will just leave you with my sympathy that you are having problems

    Edit: Thanks for breaking the post into paragraphs. I read it in its entirety this time, and I am really sorry you are having issues. I know how utterly frustrating things like that can be, and how helpful it is to get it off your chest. Seems like it snowballed out of control, but hopefully they are on the right track now. Sucks for you, but I hope they get it resolved before your break. Keep moving up the chain to get it resolved.
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    I feel your pain because I've gone through the "invalid SIM" dance myself. Can't say it involved a phone that was meant for another country but the only way I was able to resolve it was by getting to a corporate AT&T store.

    Hope your situation works itself out before your break.
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    Not sure

    Why your mad a AT&T they really had nothing to do with it! Mistakes do happen as well, it is a bummer.
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    Oct 16, 2007
    I guess the only reason i am mad at att is because they used to have a corporate store in my college town but recently it disappeared and this would have all been taken care of a lot easier if i could just go into one of their stores to get everything straightened out :)
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    Feb 9, 2009
    Monroe, Michigan
    Hey man, free accessories! Milk it! Just kidding. Hopefully everything'll get sorted out soon.

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