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    I mentioned this in the Apple Watch section, but being primarily an iPhone/iPad app I thought I'd post it in here for anyone not interested in Apple Watch.

    Just to be fair I've also added a couple of codes to this post as well to download it for free.

    I semi-retired My Recipes quite a while ago as, after four years, it was getting a bit old and creaky under the surface (much like myself :D)

    I’ve been working away on this update for over a year and it brings a lot of new and improved features to the app.

    I won’t get this post too bogged down with all the details, you can have a look at the website for all the information if you’re interested. But, roughly, My Recipes is a personal recipe management app. You can store and share your own recipes as well as add any you get sent quickly and easily.
    You can browse the web and add recipes from many websites at the touch of a button and from any website with an easy to use assisted save option.

    There’s unlimited timers, conversion utilities, an AR camera portion tool and of course shopping lists.

    There is also an OCR recipe scanner built-in allowing you to add fully editable text and full recipes just by taking a photo.

    The app is localised into 8 languages (as is the OCR scanner.)

    On Apple Watch you can browse your entire recipe collection, view the ingredients and get step-by-step instructions right on your watch.

    You can view all of your shopping lists and easily check items off as you go about your shopping trip, without having to keep taking your phone in and out of your pocket.

    Lastly you can view, pause, resume and create timers right from the Apple Watch as well.

    There’s a couple of screens attached here to give you an idea of the app and if you want more info, just take a look on the WiteNoiz website.









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    Looking forward to checking it out.
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