My reserved iphone is not available

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jeproks, Sep 25, 2015.

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    I reserved 2 iphone 6s plus 64GB TM for me and my wife. I received both confirmation email yesterday at 5:30am that my reservations are confirmed. Showed up in store at 6:30pm and stood innline for 1 1/2 hr. I was finally escorted and the person confirmed my 2 phones. After about 5 mins of waiting, he went to the back to check why it's taking longer than usual. After about 5 mins, he came out and told me that the rose gold for my wife is not available due to apple not sending them enough inventory. He said they will take my name and as soon as they get one, I get 1st dibs.

    Guy said he understand how frustrated I am and he wished there's anything he can do. I said how about a free case for my other phone. He asked mgr and he came back and pointed to the wall and said pick one. Picked an apple leather case.
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    That sucks man. A $50 case helps though. Hopefully the wifey wasn't too disappointed.
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    I experienced the same issue and posted this in another thread here on MR:

    I experienced the same issue yesterday at the SouthPark Apple Store in Charlotte, NC. I arrived at Apple and they didn't have my phone. Somehow it was sold to someone else. The associate offered to sell me a Verizon iPhone 6s Plus 128GB Rose Gold and I said no, and that I wanted the AT&T 6s Plus 128 GB Rose Gold phone that I originally ordered. The associate stated that since I was buying it full price it would be unlocked and that the phone would work on AT&T without a problem. Very politely and calmly, I stated that I ordered the AT&T model because it comes with band 30 (read it on a thread here on MR :) ) and that I wanted the phone that I ordered, plus, I am currently using AT&T's service. So, long story even longer, after speaking to a manager, who was helpful, we made a compromise for me to purchase an AT&T iPhone 6S 128 GB in Rose Gold and once the model I ordered arrived, he would personally give me a call and I would return to the store and pick it up. The manager stated the model I ordered was the most poplar including size and color, so it could be that I won't get what I ordered until sometime in October/November???!!! I was in that store for an hour trying to understand how this happened. In 2009, I ordered my iPhone 3GS for in-store pickup and it went off without a hitch. Since the release of the iPhone 4, I have chosen to have the phone delivered to my home or office just to avoid the long lines and crowds. In my mind, it's obvious that someone sold my phone without regard to my reservation or sold someone who originally ordered the Verizon phone they offered me my AT&T model.

    One of the associates stated that the inventory room was a total disaster and that phones were all over the place. Poor execution and management of inventory is my take on this situation. I get that things happen and I feel that the manager did all he could to suffice me until my phone arrives, but I don't understand how items that have been reserved for in-store pick up aren't separately segregated and accounted for to ensure customers receive exactly what they ordered. I mean , I ordered my phone at 3am, selecting a time slot for pick up, and received an email the night before launch stating that my phone was reserved for pickup on Friday. I was excited and looking forward to learning about my new phone until I arrived at the Apple Store......*sigh*

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