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    First of all, I used to write reviews for a variety of tech companies in the past but due to my work and school schedule have not been able to receive and review products for the past couple years.

    However, since I got a new Macbook Air 13, I wanted to find a sleeve to protect it in my bag while I carry it to and from work/school. So now, I have received two sleeves so far, one from Herschel and Company and most recently one from Inateck in an effort to find a perfect sleeve/carrying case.

    Inateck was kind enough to send me their felt envelope sleeve for the Macbook Air/Pro a few days ago. I received the green version with the black elastic strap on the front.

    Build quality: Inateck uses a semi-rigid felt material to fashion an envelope style case. The felt is not as thin and pliable as other felt sleeves and gives the sleeve a somewhat firm feel. The inside of the case is lined with flannel both in the main pocket and the one big front inside pocket and the two smaller back pockets. The lining is just as soft as other sleeves and will definitely protect against any scuffs or scratches of the Macbook Air.

    Fit: The Inateck Envelope Sleeve fits my Macbook Air very snuggly. While this is great for me, it may turn out to be an issue for others who use a shell cover on their Air or who have a Macbook Pro. I have not tried to use this sleeve with a Pro or with an Air with a cover on it but from what I can tell, I am not sure how well they would fit if my Macbook Air fits very tightly in the sleeve. Is it too tight for my Air? No. For a Pro? At this point that is debatable.

    Protection: This sleeve offers basic protection for my Air but I would not say it offers drop protection at all. The corners of the sleeve are double stitched with felt so there is a bit more protection in these areas and that is great for sliding in a briefcase or messenger bag, but if you are looking for serious drop protection you may want to check elsewhere.

    Extras: The sleeve comes with a neat small pouch that can be used to carry your charger if it is coiled up. This is not a necessity and is a pretty nice addition. What I really like best about this case are the extra storage compartments. The sleeve has extra pockets built into the inside of the case (one large slit for documents) and two on the outside (for headphones, your iPhone etc.). These allow you to carry your Air and a few other items while moving from room to room in the library / home / work. While most sleeve style cases don’t offer any extra room to carry other items, Inateck has provided this with room to spare.

    Cons: The only thing I do not like about the case is the black plastic strap in the front. It takes some effort to get the top portion of the case to fit through the black elastic band and I am not sure how the stretchiness will hold up over time. I would have preferred a Velcro or snap closure (while Inateck offers those types of closures in a grey color, they were sold out and I ended up just reviewing what was available). Lack of protection, for me at least, is another con, as the Inateck sleeve offers about half the protection of other sleeves like for example the Herschel and Company sleeve available from the Apple store. Now many people want to carry their Air in as slim a sleeve as possible without worrying about drop protection and for this crowd the Inateck sleeve will definitely fulfill their needs and more.

    In the end, I was very impressed with Inateck’s effort at creating a sleeve for the Macbook Air. The quality is top notch, the extras are unique, and most importantly the price ($15 on Amazon) is hard to beat. I would suggest taking a look at the pictures on their site and Amazon before deciding but I am definitely pleased with this sleeve and will plan on using it in as a more dressy and slim option when transporting my Air in my briefcase. Check out the sleeve at Amazon and Inateck’s website below and if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them in the comments below.
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    Here are some pictures

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    Looks nice, for $15 might have to give it a try. Thanks for the nice review.
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    ahh i really want this now. my only concern is that if i lose it i lose everything :(
    gotta be more careful then lol
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    I already have a sleeve, but this one looks so much cooler and isn't very expensive. Haha will probably just impulse buy it

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