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    I purchased a Macbook last May 23 from MC2 Funan in Singapore. It's my second Apple laptop since I've got my iBook a year ago. I love my Macbook than any other gadgets that I have. Honestly, I must say that I'm an Apple addict and probably I let Mr. Jobs to brainwash me thru their amazing marketing tactics.

    During my first day with my Macbook, its default wallpapers were nowhere to found. I called their technical support and I was routed to one of their representative in Australia. I was told to reinstall my operating system and he claims that it might be a software corruption. I did an erase install with the laptop and was believed that it was just a software corruption.

    I've been using the Macbook for almost 2 months now until one day I experience a kernel panic. ( A kernel panic is a message displayed by an operating system upon detecting an internal system error from which it cannot recover; the term is largely specific to Unix and Unix-like systems. The kernel routines that handle panics (in AT&T-derived Unix source code, a routine known as panic()) are generally designed to dump debugging information to either the screen or a specified file and then freeze the computer. The information provided is not always useful to the user, but can sometimes provide troubleshooting data for a system developer or tech support personnel. Attempts by the operating system to read an invalid or non-permitted memory address are a common source of kernel panics. A panic may also occur as a result of a hardware failure or a bug in the operating system.) Another issue that I encounter is that my Spotlight will not respond and it took Safari to load web pages from Apple website.

    I decided to call Apple Technical Support for the second time and I was routed to representative located in India. She told me that it might be a software corruption again. So she let me trashed some of my preferences and rebooted the Mac. After doing so, problem was temporarily resolved but she told me to contact Apple Care Center to have the Macbook tested.

    I went to Orchard Road that same day and it took two hours for me to talk to their representative due to heavy queue in the service center. My turn just came, I was talking to a Filipino representative this time and I was advice that they need to conduct a hardware test for the Macbook. Testing will take 5 business days, its Saturday so it means that I won't have any laptop for the entire week.

    Five days later, I've got my Macbook back. As noted on the service form, they have change the logic board of the laptop. So I asked the representative as to whether or not if it's a refurbished part. She told me that there is no way for them to check it since Apple would just send the parts from their service depot and installed it on the laptop. I was also advised to reinstall the operating system in case the problems persist. (Ouch! This is the second time!)

    I went home that Saturday night and was hoping that I'm ready to go. I immediately turn on my laptop and I was surprise that some of my programs will not load. Yahoo messenger will not respond, iTunes is just stuck in the dock and won't do anything. I tried to open Photobooth and no image would show on the application. Spotlight acts like Google page that is not connected to an internet. Then again, for the second time my laptop prompted me to restart it due to kernel panic.

    I have so much of patience because I love Apple, I love my Macbook and I would love to have iPhone. I'm crazy about Apple that I need to search about Apple news everyday while at work. Inspite of all these trouble I even had the courage to reinstall the operating system as per instruction.

    I took almost two hours to do an erase install with my Macbook. That was 11pm of Saturday and I was really sleepy and ready to go to bed. Five minutes after reinstalling the operating system my Macbook prompted me to download updates for the operating system and so I did. It took another 15 minutes to complete the process and I was so eager to use my Macbook but off course I need to restart it after the updates.

    The system rebooted itself; I launch iTunes so I can add music onto the Library. After opening iTunes, my screen went grey and was promted to press the power button to restart the laptop. Grrrrrrrrr…… it's another kernel panic.

    I still have the patience to restart the laptop and was planning to open Yahoo so I can chat my friend who is a Mac guru. Macbook booted up and I click on Yahoo via the dock, unfortunately it won't respond. So I click on Spotlight and search for yahoo messenger. I click on Yahoo from Spotlight and boom! It opened up! I logged in immediately and as soon as I click on "Sign In" my screen turn grey again. Another kernel panic!

    To be continued….
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    I understand your annoyance - you'd expect Apple to get it right and fix it the first time.

    However, there is some checks you can do to make sure everything is all fine. The most common cause for kernal panics is dis-aligned RAM. This can happen during transporation between Apple and you.

    Take the battery out and have a look and check the RAM is installed securely.

    Also, have a look at this.
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