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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by vinay427, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. vinay427 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 18, 2008

    I just wanted to express how much I love the RunKeeper app. First off, I do not work for RunKeeper. I am a full time student. A few months ago, I decided to try out RunKeeper (the free version) before it became really popular. I loved it so much that after my first run I immediately purchased the Pro version for $9.99, which includes voice commands and now challenges. On my first run, when it was still new, it was extremely accurate, even more so IMO than Google Maps. Everything was easy to use. I could create an account right on the app and was ready to go. When I came home I just pressed Stop and Save Trip and it instantly uploaded the run. I've pressed Save Trip then immediately the home button and the route has still fully uploaded. As time went on, they added more features (like the challenges) and a new UI on the website. Before, they hadn't spent too much time creating the site and it had basic fonts and few graphics. Now, however, it looks just as professional as Nike+. By the way, I personally like this better than Nike+ because you can use it on biking and hiking, too. Also, you don't need special shoes (and I know you can also modify your current shoes). However, because it uses GPS, RunKeeper can't be used on a treadmill, while Nike+ can. The website shows so many cool things like "feet climbed" and now, "calories burned". If you are interested by the app, I strongly suggest trying out the free version which has almost all of the functionality of the Pro, and if you like it like I did consider the Pro because voice commands really are useful. Also, all of the above routes were tested with my iPhone 3G in my pocket, which goes to show how accurate it is. I never use an armband and it still works fine somehow, considering GPS requires line of sight with the sky. Deep in my pocket, my phone wasn't seeing anything. Regardless, it worked great. Again, I DO NOT work for RunKeeper and am a full time student. If you have any questions go ahead and comment.


    RunKeeper Free [iTunes]

    RunKeeper Pro [iTunes]
  2. tboooe macrumors regular

    May 22, 2009

    I second your thoughts. I use the free version and could not be happier. The only thing I wish I have is a heart rate monitor to use in conjunction with this app. I wonder if a bluetooth enabled HRM is possible?
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Yep, it is a very good app. I used the free version, liked it so much I bought the Pro version just support the developer. Can't say I'm too bothered about the voice prompts in the Pro version though, as I use this on my mtb and the last thing I want is earbuds in when out riding my mtb. But as a means of tracking where I've been and speeds travelled, it is the best. I also like the way you can share the trip info w/ others after it's uploaded.

    A definite must have (for those in the need).
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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Yep, I agree with both of those comments. An HRM is useful and I don't regularly use earbuds either, only when I tested it out.
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    Aug 6, 2008
    I just bought the pro version. I tried the free one, and really liked it.

    But now I have a dilemma.

    I have been using Nike+ (one of the reasons that I bought the 3Gs) and I really liked it.

    But Run keeper has what Nike+ is missing. The ability to show you maps of your routes. I really like that, since I take trails when I walk. Also, even tho I calibrated my Nike+, I am never quite sure that the mileage is accurate.

    With the Runkeeper mapping the ROUTE, instead of counting my steps, I feel that the Runkeeper would be more accurate.
    But on the other hand what if my phone looses the signal? Is my walk erased, or not recorded?

    So I am going to try Runkeeper, and see if this is more accurate than Nike.
  6. LostLogik macrumors 6502a

    Jul 9, 2008
    If your iPhone loses GPS signal all that happens is it stops recording position but it does carry on recording the run. So you end up with a bit of a jump to when it next locks on. However, the tracks are fully editable online once uploaded, so you can review and if there are "steps" that are wrong, you just drag the track to the correct route. It's very good.

    Just make sure to follow the setup steps to ensure your iPhone is correctly setup to get best fix. (and given this works with the top lock switched off, battery life is pretty good. I've been out for some long bike rides of several hours, got back and still had juice to spare.

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