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All Devices My Running iOS Bugs and Feature Requests List


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Dec 2, 2018

iOS Bugs


  • When I share a reminder list to someone’s email address, their avatar is correctly displayed next to their name in the reminder list as the person I’m sharing with. When I share to the person’s phone number, the avatar does not display. Instead it just displays a graphic with their initials.


  • When I sort notes by title within the app, and sort notes by title in Settings > Notes, when I go back to in-app sorting, "Default (Title)" and "Title" are displayed. This is ubiquitous.


  • There seem to be duplicate shortcuts in the gallery when I search (Speak Body of Article, Make PDF...).
  • Glyphs for the “Notes” or “Find My“ shortcuts cannot be changed.
  • I can't delete a shortcuts after adding them to the home screen.
  • When I add a shortcut to the home screen, if I delete the shortcut from the Shortcuts app, the bookmark remains on the home screen. As it is unusable without the shortcut, I think it should also be deleted.


  • Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Watch: When I delete an Apple Watch backup, it kicks me back to the previous menu.


  • Music > Account > Apps with Access (near the bottom): Any apps deleted from here reappear after going back into the account page.


  • With the zoom feature in accessibility enabled, tap on the screen three times with three fingers to open the zoom settings. When you tap on one of the menu items ("Choose Region," for example), then tap outside the menu to exit, the text appears to overlap other text briefly. The behavior is the same when tapping out of any of the menu items.


  • Accuracy when adjusting document scan corners is virtually impossible because you can't see under your finger.


  • When adding a contact's FaceTime Audio or Video phone number to Favorites, and their contact card contains multiple FaceTime-compatible numbers (i.e., personal and work), you're given just one option to select from — FaceTime. Tapping the selected "FaceTime" option from Favorites will contact all FaceTime-compatible numbers in the contact card. You should be given the option to select the number you want to add as the favorite.


  • If I accidentally complete a reminder, I can go back and remove the completion “check,” and the reminder will return to my list of uncompleted items but then my reminders list will have two instances of that reminder if I have it set to repeat — the upcoming instance (which I unmarked as completed), as well as the next instance of that reminder. So, I have the two of the same reminder for two separate dates. I would like my list to look the same as it did before I tapped on complete reminder — just the one reminder, and not the upcoming reminder as well as the one that comes after that (for a repeating reminder).
  • I can't drag lists that have been shared with me into a new group. Also, if I create a new group, and edit group settings to include the newly-added shared lists, they do not appear.
  • When selecting a proximity alert location, you have to tap “< Details” to go back. This is confusing because it doesn’t give the impression that the location is saved. There should be a separate confirmation button, rather than going back.


  • If I add an international keyboard (Chinese, for example), my iPhone automatically installs the dictionary/dictionaries for the language. But, if I delete the keyboard, the dictionary file remains. My iPhone should prompt me if I would also like to remove the associated dictionary file as well.


  • The pull-to-refresh action throughout iOS stands right be refined. It doesn’t feel very solid.
  • Rearranging apps is very touch sensitive. I have difficulty moving apps to new locations as they tend to exit the folder or nudge other apps, affecting their organization.
  • Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords > Add Password

    When attempting to paste copied text into any of these fields, when you tap-and-hold, you're given the option to copy. You have to tap-and-hold again to be given the option to paste. Alternatively, if I press and hold, it works every time. For some reason, this field is defaulting to the copy action.
  • A greater dimming range for bedtime reading.


  • If I have a large amount of files in my "Recently Deleted" folder in Apple Photos (tens of thousands of files), the "Delete All" button will not work. I have to manually remove about a thousand at a time.

  • When editing a saved bookmark or favorite URL, it is not apparent that you can use the trackpad feature without the space button. You just tap and hold in the empty space where the space button would be. I think Apple should put something in that space to let users know they can still use the trackpad feature.


  • When I attempt to paste the URL to a subscribed calendar into the Server field, it only prompts me if I want to copy the text. I have to long press a second time for the paste option to appear. Alternatively, if I press and hold, it works every time. For some reason, this field is defaulting to the copy action.


  • Mail that arrives in the junk folder can only be seen if I go into the folder and pull to refresh. Bugs

  • Spell check isn't working in Notes in the new version of
  • For Notes on the new iCloud website, for lines that contain links, the entire line is a link including the white space to the right of the link, so if I want to edit a link, when I click to the right of it, the link opens.
  • Typing enter to begin a new line doesn't always register.
  • In Pages for iCloud, iOS, and desktop, when I select text within a table cell, the text settings such as line spacing and bulleted list options do not appear. I have to format the text outside of the table, then copy and paste it back into the table cell.

iOS Feature Requests


  • Collapsed groups by default.
  • Button or gesture to expand or collapse all lists or groups.
  • Push notifications for completed items or edits in shared folders.
  • When moving reminders, display groups containing lists. Currently, just lists are shown.
  • Option to remind me on the first and last days of the month. Yes, I can manually select the day, but if I select the last day of the month in a month with 31 days, the month with 30 days won't include the reminder. Likewise, if I select the last day of the month in a month with 30 days, months with 31 days won't remind me on the last day of the month.
  • Widget displays all reminders, not just those with dates.
  • Specify list to display in widget.
  • Proximity alerts for entire lists.
  • Proximity alerts on specific days.


  • Sort favorites within Collections by Yelp rating.
  • When adding a new favorite, display cities in search.
  • Rearrange Collections.
  • "Clear all" button for recently viewed locations.
  • Collection collaboration.
  • Traffic alerts for accidents, construction, or road conditions that will impact commute.
  • Toggle speed limits on/off when not on a route.
  • Toggle traffic layer on/off when not on a route.
  • Search in Maps while in a route without having to end it first.
  • Add a waypoint to a current route.
  • Download map areas for offline viewing.
  • Refresh an active route for better routes.

Find My:

  • "Find My" widget.


  • Delete music from library without affecting playlists.
  • Remove Apple Music set up steps “Choose Artists for You”, “Tell us what you’re into”, and "Choose your favorites". Curate recommendations based on listening habits alone.
  • Display album release dates on currently playing screen.
  • Public playlists off by default.
  • Smart playlists.
  • Hearts next to songs I’ve "loved".
  • Suggest albums, artists, songs, etc. if spelled wrong in search ("Did you mean...").
  • Delete playlist cover art (revert to default).
  • Sort music in libraries and playlists by release date.
  • Option to add new music to the top of playlists instead of bottom.
  • "You Might Also Like" at bottom of playlists.
  • Access to Apple curated "New Music Mix" playlist history From previous weeks.
  • Restrict “kids” music from affecting “For You” and “Replay” playlists.
  • Yearly billing for family plans with discount. Apple currently offers a discounted annual plan for single subscriptions.
  • Block/unblock friends (followed or unfollowed) with private accounts from ther profile's 3-dot menu. Can tap and hold avatars to do this, but it's not apparent.
  • Update Music profile when photo is updated in Messages settings.


  • Collaborate on locked notes and folders containing locked notes.
  • Add a horizontal line.
  • Swipe down to search within individual notes.
  • Condensed notes (display note title only in list view).
  • Backup functionality.
  • Specify note for lock screen widget.
  • Specify note for Control Center shortcut.
  • Display top of note when opening from Control Center shortcut instead of bottom.
  • Folders in Notes should not be separate notes, but folders only.
  • Open locked notes with FaceID without having to tap "View Note".
  • Settings > Notes > Access Notes from Lock Screen: "Access Notes from Control Center" should appear here.


  • Mute tapback notifications.
  • Scheduled texts.
  • Prioritize phone numbers over email addresses when composing new texts, or hide email addresses.
  • Save Memoji stickers.
  • Deliver silent messages.
  • Group iMessage thread read receipts.
  • Group iMessage thread typing indicators.
  • Display smaller Memoji inline with text like other emoji and emoticons.


  • Scheduled emails.
  • Default "from" email address for composing new emails.


  • RSS reader.
  • Shared bookmarks (Family Sharing).
  • Separate "Bookmarks and History" URL field search results so that "Bookmarks" and "History" are their own sections.
  • Searching in bookmarks includes all folders and sub-folders.


  • iCloud sharing using phone numbers, not email addresses only.
  • Display anniversary dates and reminders.
  • Sync Reminders with Calendar.
  • Multiple default alert times.
  • Pick Birthday And “other” calendar colors.
  • Display names of all people who share same address in calendar event location field.


  • Display ages in contacts.
  • Link "Related names" field to respective contact cards.
  • Clear contact photo suggestions.


  • Doppler weather radar maps.


  • Disable camera shutter, screenshot, connected to charger, and Apple Pay sound effects without need to mute phone.
  • Hide apps, but still appear in Search.
  • Share Safari pages in Reader format.
  • Dynamic wallpapers change according to time of day.
  • New ringtones.
  • Temporarily disable low quality image mode when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Display age in birthday alerts.
  • Auto update apps and OS when plugged into power and connected to WiFi.
  • Widgets on lock screen.
  • Queue AirDrop transfers for when recipient is active.
  • Disable dictation text chime.
  • Trackpad functionality for "0" key in the numerical phone keypad.
  • Pause recurring alarms (vacations, holidays).
  • Add my birthday greeting to "Good Morning" lock screen.
  • Expandable folders in dock.
  • Full page screenshots everywhere, not just in Safari.
  • More background colors for Memojis in shared photo settings.
  • Memoji studio app for creating and saving Memoji images.


  • Folders in "App & Website Passwords".
  • Password generator.
  • Password website name customization.
  • Sort "Website & App Passwords" by recently added.


  • Delete free books obtained through Apple Books store instead of hide only.


  • Dedicated unified feed of all followed channels, with articles and posts in chronological order.
  • Push notifications for all channels.
  • Support for RSS feeds.
  • Support for YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.
  • Chronological list view for individual channels topics on iPad.
  • Automatically sort "Channels & Topics" alphabetically in "Following" section.


  • "On this Day" notifications.
  • "On this Day" notifications in "Good Morning" lock screen.
  • Smart albums.
  • Automatic lens corrections.
  • Shared photo libraries (Family Sharing).
  • Shared album folders.


  • Group “Recently Watched" below "Up Next".
  • Omit viewing history from "Up Next".
  • Display family member libraries inline with active account.
  • Play family member purchased content directly in search.

Apple Card:

  • Joint accounts.
  • Budgeting tools.
  • Notifications when reaching or meeting category spending limits. Feature Requests

  • Pinned notes.

I will continue to edit this post to include additional bugs and feature requests.

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Jul 18, 2002
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I tried to do a search on here and didn't see the problem so I'm asking is their a bug with the phone screen getting stuck on a black screen when receiving a call? I have a friend this is happening to as well. You have to hit the right button to bring the screen back. The black screen prevents me from switching audio output. (speaker,phone,headphones) immediately etc.


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Dec 2, 2018
I tried to do a search on here and didn't see the problem so I'm asking is their a bug with the phone screen getting stuck on a black screen when receiving a call? I have a friend this is happening to as well. You have to hit the right button to bring the screen back. The black screen prevents me from switching audio output. (speaker,phone,headphones) immediately etc.
This is just a list of issues that I’ve run into. You might do a forum search for your issue, or start a new topic. You might also try reaching out to Apple Support.


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Dec 2, 2018
Updated list after today’s software announcements.
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