1. nick_iphone7

    Some iOS 13 bugs still in iOS 14

    I updated my 7 to iOS 14 (i know guys, IS BETA,calm down) in the hope that the bugs I had with iOS 13 have been fixed, but alas, they are not. I am talking specifically about three of them 1. Blurred photos in Photos - I have to zoom in slightly to clear them and see their full quality...
  2. purdnost

    My Running iOS/iPadOS Bugs and Feature Requests List

    iOS/iPadOS Bugs Accessibility: With the zoom feature in accessibility enabled, tap on the screen three times with three fingers to open the zoom settings. When you tap on one of the menu items ("Choose Region," for example), then tap outside the menu to exit, the text appears to overlap...
  3. J

    iPhone Is my phone rooted/jailbroken by ex?

    I have been issues with my Iphone XR. My ex has previously used whatever means to access phones and devices. This is my 9th phone in 3 years. He has never had physical access to this one. My phone has been acting up, however. One odd thing I have noticed is in an OTA update in which the...
  4. D

    iPad IPad OS 13.4 Breaks Photo Import and Sharing

    Has anyone else noticed that on an iPad using 13.4 when you want to share a photo using any dialogue box system wide, that the size of the photo is reduced to 80-something KB with no way of changing it? Sharing via the native email app used to ask for size confirmation and provide options. Now...
  5. bogdanw

    App Store not showing all apps from developers

    On Mojave 10.14.6 (18G2007), App Store doesn't show all apps from developers, it only shows 6 apps. Here is an example: Veenix, LLC as seen in Safari https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/veenix-llc/id382056472#see-all/mac-apps Apps shown after clicking on Veenix, LLC in App Store Searching for...
  6. W

    iPhone Possible bug? Charged for data roaming with 'Data Roaming Off'

    Before leaving for a trip abroad, I made sure to switch the setting for my Simcard to Data Roaming Off in order to avoid exorbitant data roaming charges. My operator 3 charges 100 DKK (15 USD) for 1 MB outside the EU. What surprised me this morning was a text message from 3 that was telling me...
  7. madizin

    Help! Hidden Space rapidly taking over on macOS 10.15.1

    Two days ago, my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017; macOS 10.15.1 Catalina) told me it was out of storage space. With a 500GB SSD, free space had dropped to 90 MB without me adding any files of significant size. First step: Purge I proceeded to scan through and remove unnecessary files, clearing about...
  8. Stuey3D

    iPhone iPhone 11: Great hardware let down by buggy software!

    I thought I’d do a little write up about my experiences with the new iPhone 11 coming from an XR. The hardware is very much a refined XR, in daily use there isn’t much difference between the 2 until you get to the camera whereby the 11 is far superior. iOS 13 however is a buggy mess and not...
  9. purdnost

    All Devices My Running iOS Bugs and Feature Requests List

    iOS Bugs Reminders: When I share a reminder list to someone’s email address, their avatar is correctly displayed next to their name in the reminder list as the person I’m sharing with. When I share to the person’s phone number, the avatar does not display. Instead it just displays a graphic...
  10. B

    watchos 6.0 bugs or feature?..

    1. Why change the design of the ring icon? Closed rings look like open rings. @Apple #CloseMyRings 2. Mickey Mouse does not say time when touched. Reboot the watch and Apple's instruction did not help. #MickeyTalk! #watchos6bugs
  11. Skeptical.me

    iPhone Is anyone else experiencing these - iOS 13 Beta 2

    I am experiencing 3 main bugs, anyone else? I've given Apple feedback about these bugs. 1. When I scroll down a page in messaging apps the page will automatically spring back up to the top. 2. In some Apps the screen will go almost fully black and white like a photocopied image 3. The folders...
  12. jjelq

    iPhone Cellular Data Drop

    Is anyone else experiencing random yet repetitive cellular data drop. A hard reset corrects the issue. Just curious if it’s widespread or just my device.
  13. C

    Upgrading iOS on Catalina

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has been successful installing iOS 13 on Catalina.... I have the new OS and I also have Xcode 11 but once i select the iPSW file on the new Finder device sidebar, it does nothing and I can't upgrade, it just goes blank. Any clues?
  14. X

    macOS Catalina (10.15) - Bugs and bug fixes

    If you are finding yourself with system crashes trying to go from the first beta to the second beta use the instructions below as a work around. Assuming you already downloaded the installer, via Preferences: Plug in a blank drive of at least 8 GB, and note down the volume name of the storage...
  15. titus5

    My last 3 iPhones have been buggy/odd text tones, etc.

    Hello all. I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I live with this iPhone issue but sometimes it really bugs me. I just wanted to get some advice. The issue is my text tones. Often my phone will seemingly wake up only when I touch it and I will immediately get a text tone. When I...
  16. T

    Explain this activity monitor screenshot

    Hey everyone. I grabbed this screenshot a couple months ago from my 2011 iMac running macOS Sierra. In the minutes leading up to the screenshot the computer was almost completely frozen, so I opened up the activity monitor, but the CPU load was relatively low.. I then switched to the memory tab...
  17. Cosmosent

    Photosets v5.13 enables you to verify TWO Apple Bugs ...

    check it out if interested. It's a FREE app & you do NOT need the IAP to verify the Bugs, ONLY for benchmarking performance. Apple is aware of the Bugs.
  18. HappyMBAowner

    Books alternatives

    Books for ios has been removing my pdf files from my devices for too many years now. I’ve tried all possble configurations and switches, with or without icloud drive to no avail. PDF files are just removed and kept on the cloud. I’ve been too many times in situations with no wifi, needing a file...
  19. kryten3000

    iPhone iOS 12.1.1 problems

    I just upgraded to iOS iOS 12.1.1 and lo and behold Face ID stopped functioning in the same way. What I mean is this: When I got my iPhone Xs ‘brand new’ (3 weeks ago) I could use Face ID while wearing a hat and sunglasses. This is WITH the Require Attention setting enabled. Face ID worked...
  20. Klae17

    New Apple Books and family sharing problem

    Hello, before iOS 12, we were able to see each others books as we were on a family sharing account. Now, there is no "purchased" tab or link in the Books app. It is not under iTunes either. We have books sharing and family sharing on. We signed in and out. Going to my partner's iPhone and...