My School blocked my AIM access!


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Jan 5, 2004
Every other day at school, I have a 2-hour block in which I usually have nothing to do... so I end up wasting it away on websites (like this one) and on AIM.

Well, it appears that the school has blocked the port for AIM access! :eek:
does anyone know how I can get around it? I always used the HTTPS proxy in iChat, and it no long works. It just gives me a connection error. The same thing happens on all the macs I've used in the school, so I know its not messed up settings on this computer.

Anyone have any ideas how to get around this?
Thanks! :) :)


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Jan 6, 2004
Cape Cod
Pfff..... Our school did this since everyone (and I mean *everone*) that had contact with a school computer installed AIM.

So the school blocked the default AIM port, 5190.

Of course this really ticked off the student computer techs because they had a legitimate use for using AIM during school hours - an easy fast way to communicate between other techs.

Of course being techs, a simple blocking of ports won't stop us, so we decided to use an alternative port, 443.

Thank goodness my school doesn't block sites like Yahoo or Hotmail.... email is extremely useful at school....


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Apr 24, 2004

you setup the proxy to go through their server on port 80 ... which in most cases is open for web browsing purposes.. unless they have a proxy on that... which is likely... that should work
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