My setup and HOW TO IMPROVE?


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Jul 22, 2011
Hi everyone, this is my first post at the forums.

My current setup is as follows:

• MacBook 13" (late 2008)
• Dell 23" external monitor
• Griffin stand for MacBook to stand on
• Logitech z5500 speaker system
• Apple wireless keyboard
• Apple magic trackpad
• PS3

The MacBook Pro 13" (windows 7 bootcamp) is standing on a griffin stand and hooked up to an external Dell 23" monitor (which I use as my main monitor). I use the Apple wireless keyboard and Apple magic touchpad to control the MacBook. I have the Logitech z5500's connected up to my MacBook through optical output for sound. I also have my PS3 hooked up to the Dell monitor for some gaming.

Anyway, my question is - how can I improve this setup? I'm really interested in getting the new Apple Thunderbolt Display, and using it alongside my Dell monitor and MacBook, but is this possible? For example, the setup would work like this: DELL - THUNDERBOLT DISPLAY - MACBOOK (with the ATD being in the centre of the setup). If not, I'm tempted to pick up an iMac to replace my MacBook, and I'll be able to use my Dell 23" as an external display with the iMac (then I can use my MacBook for strictly portable/chilling times!). However, I don't know whether I should wait. Is an iMac update due soon? I don't want to go out and purchase an iMac only to find they'll be redesigning it a month or 2 later!

I look forward to reading your replies, and feel free to add anything than I haven't mentioned.
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