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    My sister has a IPAD (64GB) and is using 3.2.2 and wants to upgrade to the new software 4.2.2. However, she does not have a MAC. I have a Mac Book Pro with me. She had it outfitted and set up at the MacStore in Tampa, Florida where she bought it, an hour away. She has gone to the Mac Web site and tried to find a way to download I-Tunes on her PC but so far has not successfully found a way to download or install the software.

    If I hook up her I-Pad to my Mac (I also have a I-Pad that I upgraded to 4.2.2 successfully), will I be able to install the software for her? Or will my MacBook confuse my I-Pad for hers?

    Is there something she can do here on her PC to help her upgrade easily and successfully or does she need to go back to the Mac Store to do this? Again, she does not have a Mac but a PC.

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    iTunes is an easy install for a pc. What sort of pc does she have?

    She will need to back up her iPad to her computer first via iTunes and depending on how much she's downloaded to it via app store, it may take a while.

    She needs to downloa iTunes to her pc, install, plug in iPad and let it backup/sync, then upgrade the iPad software.

    I upgraded my software just this week from my pc.
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    Just thinking outside the box here (although itunes on her own computer would be best).

    She can sign out of your iTunes account, sign into her own and do all of the backups and upgrades on your Mac. But, be careful in the setup to make sure you tell it to transfer purchases from the iPad or she will lose everything and have to redownload.

    If you sync it with your iTunes account to do the upgrade, she will lose everything she purchased on her iPad.

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