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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jsumlin, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Aug 2, 2010
    This is my smartphone story. in the end I wound up with an iPhone but I wanted to share the reasons why.

    I have been an avid apple user since my first macbook in 2006 and subsequent macbook pros since, along with ipod video and nano. I have to say that i was never interested in the iPhone and other smartphones until this year merely because I did not have use for them, but moving to a new city, now lost everywhere, made getting a smartphone a necessity to find my way around.

    After seeing the release of the iPhone 4 in June, and with my move impending, I though it was time to jump on the smartphone bandwagon and drop the 30 usd a month for the data plan. One problem.. I was on verizon and stuck on a family plan. So I decided to try a verizon smartphone since I could get a good price on one and not ruffle feathers with the family. The first one I got was a blackberry bold 9650... I should have played with the browser more because using it was a god awful experience to navigate with. I was also surprised to discover that call quality was poor, although messaging, managing contacts, calender and email accounts was great. I was getting frustrated with the bad browser and lack of gps apps etc, so I returned it (35 usd restocking fee) and went to the palm pre plus.

    Again this was another phone that seemed decent and was nice to use. Having a touch screen was a big plus, but there was nothing to use it with ( app store was pathetic) Also where the Bold shined, the pre did not ( what I said was great about the Bold sucked on the pre). The nail in the coffin was the battery... I did not even make it though 8 hours (1 hour of actual use) before the battery died, so I returned that one and paid another 35 usd restocking fee.

    At this point I was pretty bummed until the verizon clerk handed me the receipt saying that my plan was now monthly (I guess they wanted to get rid of me for returning two smartphones in a month). I could have gone on to try a droid, but to me they always seemed pretty complicated ( playing with my friends led me to conclude this) and I always wanted to have something simple. ( the Bold and pre were actually pretty easy to use but lacked in too many key places!)

    With a break from the family plan now set in place thanks to the smartphone monkeying, I was able to switch providers and finally get an iPhone. I was happy to find that the iPhone had the best of the bold and the pre, and even more like great battery life and a killer browser. Communicating with it is soo nice and the setup was a breeze. There is a plethora of apps to choose from and managing content is soo easy!
    I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a simple to operate smartphone with impressive battery life! Regarding reception, both the bold and pre had the "smartphone grip" signal attenuation and its no better or worse with the iPhone.

    The reason I decided to write this story was because I thought it would be a good way to introduce who I am to the forums and tell y'all why I use apple products. Finally I want to note that had only I discovered such a site like macrumors earlier and spent a few minutes thumbing through the forums, I might have avoided my smartphone debacle, but if I got anything out of it, its that I appreciate the work that apple puts into its products even more and the strong base of fellow apple users.
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    Congrats and good luck with your new phone. It's great.

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