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    Jul 30, 2003
    Since adding music for offline listening is so buggy (including making music to show up in iTunes after having added it to 'My Music', which it only did sometimes or was only showing up in iTunes in the Apple Music Playlists section but not the 'My Music' section), I've decided to see Apple Music merely as a music discovery service and if I want to 'keep' a playlist, a partial playlist or only a single song, I don't bother waisting my time adding it five times manually to 'My Music' or creating a playlist only with iTunes then telling me I cannot sync it with Apple Music.

    I instead decided that if I like a song discovered via Apple Music, I just buy it. Given how many hours I have already spent on trying to figure out the bugs in Apple Music, this is very much worth my money.

    Of course, iTunes 12.1 (with all Apple Music and iCloud Music Library stuff disabled in iTunes and on the iPhone) now prevents me from buying music from my secondary account (well, it allowed me to buy songs, but it only downloaded the first out of three purchased songs, claiming some bull**** about not being able to re-download stuff after switching accounts: a) this ain't no re-download, it's straight purchase and b) why does this block one song but not the other?, and c) this worked fine for many years until now).

    iTunes also wouldn't sync my playlists (it synced a grand total of three out of maybe 100) with 'Sync Entire music library', though by synching 'Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres', I got them back on the device (I just had to manually check about 200 genres). iTunes also made two copies out of each playlist, but deleting those extra copies only takes a minute or two.

    This also limits music discovery to my iPad (because re-syncing my iPhone after switching off Apple Music took an hour, not something you want to do every day). But so be it, if adding new music via Apple Music only extended for a couple of hours before it would disappear again, if adding it to iTunes required jumping through multiple hoops and even then was spotty at best, if my own playlist out of added music wouldn't sync to my iPhone, then I think my chosen solution is still way better than the alternative.
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    Nov 12, 2012
    I use the artist radio stations for discovery and buy what I like. I assume (maybe wrongly) that that will still be available for free once AM becomes a pay service.

    I'd be happy to use AM and pay for it, IF I could create playlists and save music for offline listening without having to save all my music to the trainwreck that is iCloud Music Library and without losing the ability to sync my purchased music the old-fashioned way (from my computer to my iphone via wifi or cable).

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