My switch is complete, first impressions of MBP

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by regre7, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Well, I finally got my MBP today, it's the 1.83GHz model, and came with 2GB of RAM (non-Apple).

    The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Wow! This thing is.... more widescreen-ey than I thought it would be." But I really like it. I think it's a more efficient way to distribute the screen real estate. Anyway, I put on a clean install of Tiger first thing, and found out that it's not a good idea to walk around with it while a disk is in the optical drive. I didn't make that mistake with Disk Two.

    I got a clean install of Tiger on, and it picked up my Linksys wireless network after a retry. I was able to stream music from my PC's iTunes easily. That'll be useful while I'm reripping the files in 224 AAC format for better quality than the regular 128 AAC and MP3s I have on my PC.

    I almost forgot to mention, my MBP seems to be pretty warm, and holding my fingers on the area above the F keys to be extremely uncomfortable to hold my fingertips on. The palmrests are warm, but not uncomfortable, just a little annoying. When I put it on my bare legs, it's uncomfortable, but I could hold it. Fortunately I usually have a surface to put it on. I'll be downloading a temperature widget soon to get some readings.

    I went to Starbucks a few hours after I got Tiger installed and met a friend who's also buying a Mac (MB) soon. I decided to show off a bit, and one thing that amazed everyone was that I could take a picture of them with the iSight and put it into iPhoto or make an Address Book card.

    The battery seems to be okay. While I was at Starbucks, I used it on and off for about two and a half hours, it was asleep or off for about a quarter of the time and got down to 65%. I'm running about half brightness with Bluetooth off.

    I don't think I have the whine or moo, but the guy I bought it from, mlrproducts, mentioned that the display inverter was buzzing when it was on less than full brightness. He called AppleCare before he sent it to me and they had him reset the PRAM or something. He said it seemed to be gone. I decided to try for myself, so I set it on full brightness and turned it down. I could tell that there was a buzz, but I only heard it when I put my ear up the the base of the screen. I would only be able to hear it normally in an absolutely quiet environment. I don't think I'm going to send it in to AppleCare for this unless something else pops up.

    I love the MagSafe connector! It's awesome. It hasn't saved my laptop from the floor yet, but I feel much better knowing that it's there. My only complaint, and it is very minor, is that I wish there was a release button or something so that you don't have to use a pretty good amount of force to remove it. Maybe there is, and I'm too ignorant to find it. I looked.

    The design is stunning. It's pretty hard to elaborate, but I must say that this is one of Ives' masterpieces.

    I've yet to reap any benefit from the backlit keyboard, but I also haven't been in too many dark environments. I think the LCD backlight would illuminate it in dark places, but it's a welcome feature. My only complaint is that the lighting appears to be uneven on some keys, like the [caps lock], the 'caps' is much less backlit than the 'lock'.

    I'd like to know if there is any software that I should get, as this is my first Mac.

    To conclude, I would like to quote Admiral Motti of Star Wars: A New Hope, "This station is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it."
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    I just replaced my 17"PB with exactly the same machine and config. Loving it. If you have geel friends then get macsaber.
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    now, after useing that for a good few days try useing an ibook :eek: it's horrible bulky and weird.
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    Tug the MagSafe connector off sideways and it'll come off easily.

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