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    I was constantly running out of space on my iBook's 40GB HDD (see sig), so I decided to upgrade the HDD. I looked at the iFixit guide, but chickened out - seems way too many steps and too much can go wrong (I'll do minor things like put in my own RAM etc., but this... er, no.). So, I looked around and saw, and decided to give them a try.

    They have a bunch of options of different sizes drives - plus they clone your old drive to your new one (of course, back up first, just to be safe!). I opted for a 120GB 5400 RPM drive. They claim 24 hour turnaround plus overnight shipping both ways. Cost was $229 for the hard drive upgrade, plus I also ordered that the old drive be put in a FW/USB external drive for $39. Shipping is $50 with DHL dropping off a box at your door and picking it up when you call them, plus return. Unfortunately, I had to pay CA tax of 8.25%, so my total cost was $345.30 - Techrestore is located in California (as I am).

    I ordered right on the site at 2:30 PM PST on a Monday. My order was acknowledged by email very soon, and processed about an hour later 3:38 PM PST, with another email.

    Now, they claim a DHL pickup the SAME DAY if ordered and processed before 5:00 PM PST the same day. In my case, that did not happen, so a minor negative. Instead, DHL dropped off a box Tuesday around noon PST. The box is very well padded, and fits the iBook perfectly. I filled a form inside the box, packaged the iBook (without the powercord), and half an hour later called DHL... DHL picked it up about an hour later.

    I got a tracking number, and saw that the following day, Wednesday shortly after 10:00 AM PST Techrestore received my iBook. By 5:13 PM PST the same day (Wednesday), I received an email that they shipped out the iBook - done! Very impressive. I tracked the shipment (and noted with alarm that it had to go to the Ohio sorting facility, lol... shipping within California, but going through Ohio - weird!).

    Thursday morning around 10:00 AM, DHL delivered the box to me, and I signed for it. Very good!

    I opened the box, took out the iBook and - the first problem... my HDD was in a silver baggie, not in an external drive, and there was no external drive included! I quickly checked out the iBook - second problem... the corner of my iBook battery was slightly chipped.

    I booted up the iBook - everything was fine! Works perfectly. Other than the chip, the iBook was not damaged, not smudged, not scratched - you couldn't see that it was opened up at all - very good. Now I have a 120GB drive installed - woohoo 80GB free space!!! What a feeling!

    I called TechRestore and told them about the missing external hard drive - a very nice gentleman said he'll have it sent to arrive early the next day.

    And indeed the next day (Friday, today) I had it by 10:00 AM PST. I installed my old drive in the enclosure, it worked - recognized. I had to do some disk repair with the disk utility, but everything is fine and all the data is there. Perfect.

    So I decided to immediately write this report, in case anyone is thinking of using TechRestore.

    Overall, my experience is a 4 star on a 5 star scale (with 5 being best). I wish it was a touch faster - I wish they indeed had it picked up the same day, since I did get the order processed before 5PM PST. The chip was not good (but in this case I didn't care, as I'm going to have the battery replaced under the Apple battery recall program), and I wish they had not forgotten the external enclosure I ordered.

    On the positive side: they did do the job, very fast. The customer support is very good - you can quickly get to a human, and issues are quickly resolved, they are very nice and accomodating. They sent the additional enclosure very fast. Prices are also very good (IMHO). Also, the HDD replacement does not void your warranty with Apple (except for the HDD, obviously, for which you get a 1-year warranty from TechRestore).

    I would definitely use them again. Looking around their site, they do a lot - put in SuperDrives, do general repairs etc. A good resource for the future.
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    Nice, Did you ask about the dent in the iBook which you said they caused. Any refund on that
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    2 years ago I replaced the botton case of a 12" Powerbook following the iFixit guide steps and it was less complicated than I expected. I had to take the whole Powerbook apart!!! Scary at first, but I think it's worth a try if you have some ability.
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    Hi, I am looking to do the same thing, but instead I think it's better to
    buy the hard drive separately (I have a Western Digital like you described)- 130$ CAD
    back up my HD to my external drive
    have the hard drive only installed by Computer Depot- 32.50$
    re-install OSX from install disks, then copy data back over.
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    Nah, I didn't even mention the chip, since what are they gonna do about it... stuff happens... of course, I was not motivated mostly because I'm getting a brand new battery for free from Apple :)

    Besides, they are really very nice, and do a good job overall, I'm happy to support businesses that are good... not many Apple related repair shops out there, so I wanna support them as much as possible...

    Of course, if it was something more serious, I'd squawk.

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